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Enhancing geopolitical risk oversight in an increasingly challenging world

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Hanif Barma, Co-founder, The Risk Coalition
Mark Cliffe, Senior Advisor, KPMG UK
Andrew Cunningham, Founder, Darien Analytics
Derek Leatherdale, Managing Director, GRI Strategies

As we transition into a more geopolitically contested world, the business impacts of nation-state competition are growing across many industry sectors and markets. The financial sector is especially exposed, both in terms of its own business models and also indirectly via exposures to major corporate clients.

Whilst levels of concern about geopolitics in the financial sector have been rising for some years now, many on boards and senior management teams also indicate they don't feel confident in their risk management capabilities in this area. The increasingly complex overlap between geopolitical and ESG issues is only making this area more challenging.

The session will explore where impacts, and perceptions of concern are greatest, and consider a framework for boards, risks committees and risk functions that can help financial institutions develop more mature capabilities in this area.

We will draw on recent examples and case studies during the discussion.

Who will be speaking?
Hanif Barma, Co-founder, The Risk Coalition
Mark Cliffe, Senior Advisor, KPMG UK
Andrew Cunningham, Founder, Darien Analytics
Derek Leatherdale, Managing Director, GRI Strategies

Hanif Barma, Co-founder, The Risk Coalition
Hanif Barma is a Co-founder of the Risk Coalition and Founder/Partner at Board Alchemy. In relation to the Risk Coalition's work, Hanif developed the 'coalition' concept and led industry/regulatory stakeholder engagement. Hanif has over fifteen years' experience in governance, working with boards, risk, audit and assurance focusing - aiming at reducing complexity and on achieving good outcomes. He also holds a number of board roles and is a member of various audit and risk committees. Hanif is also an Honorary Visiting Fellow at City University's business school.

Mark Cliffe, Senior Advisor, KPMG UK
Mark is an experienced international economist who has led teams providing analysis and insights to both corporate and retail banking customers. Currently he is a Senior Advisor to KPMG on ESG and climate risk.

He has over 30 years' experience with major international banks. Having spent over 20 years as Chief Economist and Global Head or Research at ING Group, he created and led the New Horizons Hub, analysing disruptive change, climate risk and digital finance.

Mark is regular conference speaker and his work features in the international media.

Andrew Cunningham, Founder, Darien Analytics
Andrew's work focuses on corporate governance and on bank risk and regulation. He has extensive experience working with banks and bank regulators in both advanced and developing economies.
He has advised on the implementation of international standards, and delivered training courses on bank regulation, bank capital and liquidity, and corporate governance to central banks, supranational organisations and commercial banks around the world.

Much of his work on governance entails working with institutions to help them align their corporate governance practices with international best practices and local standards.

Andrew began his career as a journalist, then spent nine years with Moody's, rating banks in emerging markets and in western Europe. He went on to work for an NGO that advised financial sector regulators on how to introduce the latest international standards, and worked with state-owned banks, and private sector institutions to introduce best practices on risk management and governance. More recently, Andrew has worked as an independent consultant including for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, the International Finance Corporation, and the United Nations Development Programme. He is proficient in Arabic and French and has a working knowledge of Greek.

Derek Leatherdale, Managing Director, GRI Strategies

Derek Leatherdale is Founder and Managing Director of GRI Strategies Ltd, leading work with companies across sectors to improve management of geopolitical risk exposures. Before setting up GRI, Derek founded HSBC's group geopolitical risk function. This involved integrating expert geopolitical risk input into all aspects of the group's strategy and risk management across a global portfolio of banking operations. In a subsequent role for HSBC, Derek led global government affairs campaigns with international standard-setters, other international bodies, including the G7 and G20, and key national authorities.

Prior to HSBC, Derek worked in national security and intelligence roles for the UK government. In association with The Risk Coalition, Derek is the co-author of 'The Extra G - ESG2', innovative leading practice guidance on geopolitical risk oversight and its integration with ESG issues for boards, their risk committees and risk functions. Derek is an Associate Director with The Risk Coalition.

Derek is also developing a course on Geopolitical Risk Governance, the first of its kind, with the DCRO Institute in the United States, focused on how directors and chief risk officers can support their organisations to develop resilience and improve decision-making amidst geopolitical volatility.

Derek holds an MA with Distinction in International Politics from King's College, London.


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