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Breakfast Briefing (in-person event)

CSFI Fintech for Breakfast - Distributed ledger technology in capital markets: is 2023 the turning point?

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Tom Graham, Managing Director , Accenture
Julian Levy, Partner, Redline Capital
Thorsten Peisl, CEO, KALYP Technologies
Tom Roberts, Partner, Allen & Overy

Unfortunately this event is fully booked. If you would like to join the waiting list please email events@libf.ac.uk.

We are pleased to announce the next Fintech for Breakfast event, kindly hosted by Allen & Overy.

We have been waiting for the blockchain/DLT revolution in capital markets for years, but adoption has been painfully slow, and many promising projects have stalled.

Crypto is now in the 'trough of disillusionment' phase of the hype cycle and we are witnessing the emergence of CBDCs. So what happened to the promise of capital market transformation that tokenisation, smart contracts and instant settlement seemed to hold? The reality is that, away from the headlines, investment by major financial institutions in blockchain in capital markets has gathered pace and the number of live projects is rapidly growing. So, is the industry at a turning point?

We will be discussing the prospects for accelerating DLT adoption in capital markets and the implications for the capital markets value chain.
Where are the largest efficiency gains? Can we expect a reduction in the costs of raising and allocating capital? Who is at risk of being disintermediated? Could DLT adoption help the City regain competitiveness?

What makes CSFI debates so special? It's the first-hand insight from members and the forthright exchanges in the room - all under the Chatham House rule. So, come and be challenged and inspired!

Who will be speaking?
Tom Graham, Managing Director , Accenture
Julian Levy, Partner, Redline Capital
Thorsten Peisl, CEO, KALYP Technologies
Tom Roberts, Partner, Allen & Overy

Tom Graham, Managing Director, Accenture and CSFI Fintech fellow will chair the discussion with:

Julian Levy, Partner, Redline Capital
Julian started as an engineer where he worked at Credit Suisse First Boston and Merrill Lynch for over a decade, covered European software and services companies in equity research at Bank of America, and ran the Technology Business Development team in EMEA and Asia at Morgan Stanley.

He subsequently quit finance to start his own business, before moving to the world of venture capital. By day he is a GP at an A-C deep tech fund with the largest semiconductor portfolio in Europe, and at a personal level has been an active angel investor for almost a decade with multiple exits under his belt.

Thorsten Peisl, CEO, KALYP Technologies
Thorsten has more than two decades of capital market experience from global firms including State Street and Deutsche Bank.

Since 2016, he is the CEO at KALYP Technologies. KALYP is an independent, London-based enterprise software company and expert on establishing industry consortia for more efficient processing of financial securities in digital format.

KALYP's flagship software is known as 'Root', based on open source from Hyperledger and currently used for processing multiple asset classes such cross-borders public shares or carbon-neutral shares.

Tom Roberts, Partner, Allen & Overy
Tom is one of the founding partners of Allen & Overy's Market Innovations Group.

Tom specialises in delivering technology and resourcing solutions for large-scale legal and regulatory challenges.

Tom is currently leading delivery of global IBOR transition projects and legal and compliance digitalisation initiatives, including use of ContractMatrix (a proprietary AI and document automation tool).


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