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CSFI event (in-person)

Pre-budget discussion on UK productivity

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Dr Paul Fisher, Visiting Professor, LIBF
Sharon Miles, COO, OakNorth
Helene Panzarino, CSFI Director, LIBF
Professor Jonathan Portes, King's College London

As the UK gears up for a much-anticipated budget and general election, the nation faces some tough economic and social challenges. According to the Government's 2022 'Levelling Up' white paper, the UK has larger geographical disparities than other developed countries when it comes to productivity, pay, educational attainment, and health.

This event will focus on the productivity aspect. As the US economist Paul Krugman put it, "productivity isn't everything but, in the long run, it's nearly everything". The next government has many obligations - to the nation's elderly, to the young, to the environment and to its global partners. So, why is UK productivity lagging and what should productivity levels be? How might productivity be boosted across the country?

We'll examine potential answers to these questions as well as the pivotal role of financial services in driving productivity growth.

Join us as we discuss potential routes to a more inclusive and prosperous future for the UK.

Who will be speaking?
Dr Paul Fisher, Visiting Professor, LIBF
Sharon Miles, COO, OakNorth
Helene Panzarino, CSFI Director, LIBF
Professor Jonathan Portes, King's College London

Paul initially an academic research economist, served at the Bank of England for 26 years, including as Executive Director for Markets, Deputy Head of the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) and for five years as a member of the Monetary Policy Committee.

Paul's portfolio career includes roles such as Chair of the London Bullion Market Association and Non-executive Director at UK Debt Management Office. Paul also provides consultancy and technical assistance to central banks and the IMF. Paul is a Visiting Professor at several universities, a Fellow at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, and a Senior Research Fellow at King's College Business School.

Paul writes about central banking and financial markets and is the Editor of Making the Financial System Sustainable, published by Cambridge University Press, 2020.

He spends a considerable amount of personal time working on the interactions of climate change and the financial sector. This has included serving on the EU High-Level Experts Group on Sustainable Finance and the UK Green Finance Task Force - both in 2017/18. He's currently a member of the UK Green Technical Advisory Group.

Sharon is a managing board senior executive with 25 years' experience within financial and business services organisations, leading transformational change and growth. In recent years, she's focused on the fintech space, building and scaling deposit and investment app propositions. Currently, she is the COO of OakNorth, the digital bank for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Prior to this, Sharon spent almost four years at Chip, the investment and savings app, where she was also COO. She has also held roles at Deposit Solutions, LeasePlanUK, Genworth Financial, Barclays, GE Life, and Deloitte.

Helene, a former commercial banker, now CSFI Director, brings a wealth of fintech experience. As a program director, exited entrepreneur, educator, and author, she's led groundbreaking initiatives, including the FinTech Scale Programme and the Inaugural Programme for Innovate Finance.

Helene holds key roles in UK RegTech Kalgera, UK Digital Bank Pennyworth, and serves on the ICAEW Financial Services Faculty Board. Recognised on influential lists like CW 100 Women in Tech, Innovate Finance Women in FinTech, and Fintech Magazine's 100 Women in Fintech, she's been a driving force in initiatives like the FCA 2020 Data Sprint and CapGemini Global FinTech Report.

Her co-authored book, 'Reinventing Banking & Finance,' named #1 by Investopedia, cements her impact on global fintech innovation. Helene is a dynamic leader shaping the future of finance.

Jonathan started his career at HM Treasury in 1987 and spent most of his career as a civil servant, serving as Chief Economist at the Department for Work and Pensions from 2002 to 2008 and Chief Economist at the Cabinet Office from 2008 to 2011. He led the Cabinet Office's economic analysis and economic policy work during the financial crisis and on the G20 London Summit in April 2009. From 2011 to 2015, he was Director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

Jonathan is a Senior Fellow of the Economic and Social Research Council's UK in a Changing Europe initiative, based at King's, which promotes high quality research into the complex and changing relationship between the UK and the European Union. His current research concentrates on issues related to immigration and labour mobility, both within the EU and outside, and the economic implications of Brexit. Other research interests include labour markets, fiscal policy, social security and welfare, and the use of evaluation and evidence in public policy.

Jonathan publishes articles on economic issues regularly in the UK and international press and comments frequently in the print and broadcast media. His recent book, Capitalism, is published by Quercus. He has testified on numerous occasions before Parliamentary committees, in particular the Treasury Committee and the Home Affairs Committee.


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