Sustainability: Post-budget, pre-COP - challenges for the UK

14 June, 2021LIBF and CSFI
The UK (and most other advanced countries) have made very ambitious commitments to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050 or earlier - commitments enshrined in the Paris Accords, and likely to be reaffirmed (or even advanced) at COP26 in November. Are the targets realistic?

There is certainly a huge amount of activity at the level of corporates - and even at the level of individual investors. And pressure for change, political and social, is increasing all the time - even if the economic costs are not always fully appreciated. But what about the EMs - China in particular? This discussion covers everything from the G7 to emissions trading, transition fuels, biodiversity, the impact on farming, deglobalisation and border adjustment taxes.


Andrew Hilton (Director, CSFI) & Jane Fuller (Co-director, CSFI)


The Rt Hon Philip Dunne has been MP for Ludlow since 2005. He is a former Minister of State for Health, and is currently chairman of the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee.


Chris McHugh is the founding director of the LIBF's Centre for Sustainable Finance. He is a former Visiting Lecturer at Cambridge's Judge Business School, and a former banker (with HSBC).


Alice Ross is deputy news editor at the Financial Times. She is a former editor of Trade Secrets and FT Wealth, as well as Frankfurt bureau chief. Her book, 'Investing to save the planet', was published by Penguin last November.