Nasdaq: Taking CO2 out of the picture

31 January, 2022Sustainable Finance in Action
With climate change a top priority for organisations and governments around the world, LIBF is bringing together key players in the finance sector to highlight organisations and activities that are making a real difference. Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing films from different organisations to show how they’re playing their part.

In order for the world to reach its target of keeping global warming below 1.5C, the global community will need to reduce its carbon footprint. That alone will not be enough, which is why removal of existing carbon in the atmosphere is becoming an increasingly important complement. Last year, Nasdaq acquired a majority share of carbon marketplace, which provides carbon removal as a service to corporations looking to neutralize carbon emissions by identifying processes that remove CO2 from the atmosphere, verifying the operations and issuing CORCs, CO2 Removal Certificates.

In this film, we will be taken on a journey from the Nasdaq offices where Fredrik Ekström, president of Nasdaq Stockholm and Chairman of, shares his view on why Nasdaq and is a such great partnership, before we travel to Finland to visit the HQ in Helsinki and meet the people behind the world´s first B2B marketplace for carbon removals. Last, we go into the deep forests outside Tampere to see how Carbofex, a supplier of biochar carbon removals, are creating good out of wood.


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