How to use career experience to become chartered

04 April, 2022Juno Baker

If you're a banking professional with at least ten years in the finance sector, you probably have more expertise than you realise.  PER is an opportunity to reflect on your career and consolidate what you’ve learned – and could set you on the path to chartered status.

What is the Professional Experience Route (PER)?

How often have you had time to review your career successes? Have you had the chance to consider some of the key moments of your working life and think about what you might have done differently? 

PER is your chance to do just that – only with the support of a personal tutor.

It offers you the chance to reflect on your career and take stock of everything you’ve learnt at work. And it's a flexible route to chartered status. But, instead of taking exams, you’ll write about four ‘scenarios’ in your career to date and your reflections on what you learned from them. These will be in depth pieces of around 3,000 to 3,500 words.

How will my tutor support me?

You can decide which scenarios you write about, but your tutor will guide you both in choosing what to write about and on your approach. Your tutor will also offer:

  • guidance on how to meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria, particularly the key area of effective reflective practice
  • direction towards relevant models/theories/tools that you can use in your analysis and evaluations
  • guidance on basic research, useful reading, etc
  • feedback on your ideas and initial draft scenarios.

What other support will I have?

You will have access to support through your online virtual learning environment (VLE), Brightspace, including:

  • a PER guidance document
  • advice and articles on reflective practice
  • reading lists
  • access to our e-library, KnowledgeBank
  • Level 6 syllabuses, and
  • submission and assessment information.

What should I write about for my assessments?

You have a lot of choice in what you write about.  You’ll need to base one scenario on a strategic issue drawn from the syllabus of Level 6 syllabus for Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking

The other three might be from:  

How long does PER take?

That depends. You have 12 months to go through the process, prepare and submit your scenarios.

However, if you wish – and your tutor agrees that your scenarios meet the assessment criteria – you may submit them earlier.

How do I apply for PER?

The first step is to submit your full CV and a personal statement of about 500 words explaining your reasons for applying. Your personal statement should outline your personal strengths, skills, qualities and achievements. 

When you receive confirmation that your application has been successful, we will allocate you a tutor who will get in touch to discuss the next steps.

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