How to get your CeMAP qualification

25 April, 2022Juno Baker
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If you're a people person who enjoys networking and helping customers, you may find a career in mortgage advice very rewarding. The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is the first step to becoming a mortgage adviser. On this page we answer your questions on studying CeMAP and launching your new career. 

What qualification is CeMAP equivalent to?

CeMAP is a Level 3 qualification, which means it’s equivalent to A-level.

How long does it take to do the CeMAP course?

That depends on you! Most people take between three and nine months to complete CeMAP. The qualification is online so, as long as you have internet access, you can do it anywhere at anytime. That means you can work at your own pace.

There are three modules. From when you register, you’ll have 12 months to complete each module and sit the exam. However, you may finish the course more quickly.

Are there any CeMAP training courses?

There are several courses available that you allow you to study either in a classroom or by video link.

We've recognised some of the best providers of CeMAP training. So if you prefer to study in a classroom setting   – or you want extra learning support – there are plenty of CeMAP trainers to choose from.

It’s important to choose a legitimate provider so we have a listed our Accredited Learning Support Providers on our website.

What other CeMAP study support do you offer?

When you register for CeMAP,  you’ll get some study support included in your fee, such as access to:

  • a student-led discussion forum
  • study-tip videos
  • a weekly study planner
  • a tax table
  • syllabus updates.

However, you can buy additional materials at any time.

For example, you may find the CeMAP Revision Tool (CRT) useful when you’re preparing for your CeMAP exam. CRT will help you test your knowledge and give you feedback on any wrong answers. It’s great for helping you identify and fill gaps in your knowledge.

If you’d like expert help with your CeMAP studies, you can join our online support forum, ‘Ask the Experts’?

If your learning style is audio-visual, you may find our CeMAP Tuition Videos helpful.

What happens at the CeMAP exam?

For each module, you'll need to take a two-hour electronic multiple-choice exam. You can arrange to take your CeMAP exams whenever you’re ready, and choose whether to sit them in a test centre or through remote invigilation.

When you’ve passed all three assessments, we’ll send you a CeMAP certificate.

Can I offer mortgage advice with a CeMAP qualification?

To offer mortgage advice in the UK you need to have a ‘licence to practise’, of which CeMAP is an essential element.

You’ll also need to work under supervision in an advice firm to gain ‘competent adviser status’ (CAS). This is common practice in financial services, and is a way of ensuring that new advisers are fully capable – and comfortable in the role – before they work unsupervised.

What’s CeMAP Diploma?

CeMAP Diploma is a Level 4 qualification that will help you:

  • better understand the financial impact of both global and personal changes on customers
  • assess the risks, and
  • communicate advice.

Once you have CeMAP, you only need to complete one more module to get CeMAP Diploma.

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