How a digital badge highlights professionalism

25 August, 2022Mutahara Gofur
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In an increasingly fast-paced digital world, banking and finance professionals are discovering they need something to help them stand out from the crowd – particularly in their marketing and digital communications. A digital badge can help you do just that – whether you’re promoting your business or planning the next step in your career.

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a visual online accreditation that highlights a professional credential to prospective clients, employers and to your colleagues.

You can share a digital badge on social media, in your email signature and other digital marketing materials.

Since 2019, we’ve issued approximately 6,000 digital badges to banking and finance professionals who’ve completed qualifications with us or attained a certain professional standing.

Many of our digital badge holders have told us they appreciate how easy it is add them to a website or social media profile, such as LinkedIn. A survey of our digital badge holders revealed that 46.5% had shared theirs on LinkedIn and over two-thirds (69%) added it to their email.

Our digital badge holders have described them as a “great way to display your credentials via platforms”. Another told us, “They enhance emails and stand out. Its a very nice feature!”

What is the value of a digital badge to clients?

A digital badge allows potential customers and clients to find out about your professional standing and how qualified you are. Clients can also check how up to date your designations are and what they mean. Many of those we surveyed agreed the badges look professional and are a great visual indicator of achievement.

With just one click, a unique URL will show them the knowledge and skills you’ve obtained through your professional qualifications. Your digital badge will also demonstrate your commitment to continued professional development.

Our digital badge holders have told us the badges look professional and help them stand out. They also like the way that digital badges provide clients “with a level of confidence that who they are dealing with is qualified and overseen by another authority”.

How reliable are digital badges?

It’s important to us that the information you provide to your clients is protected and correct, so we’ve taken steps to ensure this. We have dedicated technology that supports the links LIBF digital badges are underpinned by.

Credly, the website that administers our digital badges, is a leader in digital credentials – which means it’s difficult to replicate your digital badge. Not only does the page display your relevant qualifications and skills, but you can also access your network and find employment opportunities. It’s easy to set up, but support from Credly is available if you need it.

In feedback, our users have also told us that a digital badge “demonstrates credibility remotely in a trusted way” and that they are “easy to certify as authentic”.

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