Leading during a time of crisis - A conversation with Nigel Armitt

07 May, 2020LIBF Webinar
Following on from the success of the first webinar in the 'leading during a time of crisis' series, we are delighted to welcome Nigel Armitt, Interim CFO of Amnesty International, Author and Executive Coach, to LIBF.

Nigel joined Nadim Choudhury, our Head of Careers & Employability, to discuss the following:

- How finance leaders can provide strategic leadership to their organisations during a time of crisis.
- Key interpersonal skills and strategies needed to develop credibility and make an impact on your organisation.
- Strategies to lead global teams, motivate colleagues and create a sense of purpose for organisations.
- How organisations can better prepare themselves financially and what the future holds for the relationship between the government, businesses and society post-covid-19.

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