How alternative data benefits consumer and SME lending

23 July, 2020CSME Webinar


Guy Harding, Chief Risk Officer, 86 400
Tony Deary, Senior Financial Services Expert, Frontier and Emerging Markets
Jason Loughnane, Head of Digital Credit, Yoma Bank
Paul Wild, International Banking Consultant, EG Bank 

We've launched a brand-new qualification, the Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data, to help you harness the power of alternative data and use it to grow your business.

For the final session of our four-part webinar series, we've teamed up with four subject matter experts to host a fireside conversation. During the chat, the panel will discuss real-life practical examples of the use of alternative data in consumer and SME banking.

Questions covered during the fireside conversation include:

  • What is alternative data and how has its use benefited consumer and SME lending around the world?
  • What sort of "alternative data" is most useful? How is that data being collected?
  • What are the regulation and policy limitations faced by adopting the broader use of alternative data sources?

This insightful session is ideal for anyone working within SME financing.