Digital identity: the shape of things to come

18 March, 2021Digital Webinar

David Birch, Author, Advisor and Commentator on digital financial service
Gareth Narinesingh, Commercial Director - Financial Services, Yoti

Opening bank accounts remotely, proving who you are online, trying to purchase an age restricted product, accessing government services or evidencing that you have had a Covid vaccine... Digital identity is the solution which tackles all of these tasks through using technology.

In the latest webinar from our Centre for Digital Banking and Finance, we were joined by Dave Birch, renowned author and commentator on digital identity in financial services, and Gareth Narinesingh from digital identity platform Yoti.

Dave and Gareth shared their views on the future role of digital identity in supporting the economy, improving access to financial services and protecting consumers and businesses alike from online fraud.

We've asked them what they think the key opportunities, challenges and risks are and what the role of the financial sector, policy makers and technology providers should be in supporting the development of robust national digital identity systems.

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