What keeps bankers awake at night?

20 May, 2021Risk Webinar

Managing risk is central to banks and we've been training bankers how to do it for more than 140 years.

But, as the world emerges from Covid-19 with a legacy of increased corporate and sovereign debt, what risks are uppermost in bankers' minds?

This seemed like an obvious first question as we launched our new Centre for Governance, Risk and Regulation in May 2021.

This is the first webinar from our new Risk Centre and comes to you in partnership with the CSFI. We were joined by three members of the Risk Centre Faculty:

  • Paul Howard ACIB
  • Katharine Pons, Executive Coach
  • Emmanuel Rondeau, Visiting Professor, LIBF and Non-Executive Director, La Banque Postale

The Centre's founder, Olivier Beroud, introduced the webinar, while Jane Fuller of both CSFI and the Risk Centre, moderated the discussion.

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