Professionalising the sale of motor finance

21 July, 2021LIBF Webinar

Since the FCA started regulating the sale of motor finance in 2014 it has introduced a number of key workstreams, new rules and guidance that has impacted on the industry. But aside from the regulatory changes that firms must keep up with, the market in general is set to change considerably over the next 5-10 years from new channels for distributing vehicles to the transition to net zero.

This webinar explored the importance of having a workplace culture that promotes professionalism and professional standards in order to respond to the expectations of regulators, customers and changes to the market. Aligned to this the session will run through some key changes to the FLA's Lending Code that aims to raise professional standards across the industry.

The panelists covered:

• Some of the key factors impacting on the sale of motor finance
• Where the FCA and market in general is headed and how is this likely to impact on the professionalism required of retailers and lenders?
• New FLA Lending Code provisions to raise professional standards and how this will affect lenders and retailers
• The importance of workplace culture and professionalism
• Introduction to a follow up webinar on SAF Advanced


• Adrian Dally, Director of Motor Finance and Strategy, Finance and Leasing Association
• Joanne Davis, Co-founder and Director/Partner, Auxillias Limited
• Stephen Whitton, Founder, [M]enable

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After show podcast

The panel join together once more to answer some of your questions that didn't get answered during the webinar.

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