COP28 insights: navigating the climate agenda

12 December, 2023LIBF MENA webinar

Speaker: Emmanuel Rondeau, Faculty Member, The London Institute of Banking & Finance MENA

As COP28 concludes in UAE, we invite you to join an engaging post-event discussion. With the seventh anniversary of the Paris Agreement now behind us and just seven years left to achieve our 2030 goals, the world's commitment to combat climate change stands at a critical crossroads.

Our agenda is packed with key highlights: We will delve into pivotal moments from COP28, explore the critical points in the Dubai agreement that shape sustainable development, dissect the pros and cons of the final statement, and pinpoint the pressing challenges that lie ahead. Anticipate actionable insights and immediate priorities for all stakeholders committed to the climate cause.

Why attend?

Gain real-time insights from leading sustainable finance experts.
Stay updated on the latest developments from COP28.
Discover your organisation's role in the global climate agenda.
Access actionable takeaways for a sustainable future.

Don't miss this opportunity to become part of an essential post-COP conversation.