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Lesson in Financial Education (LiFE)

Financial Capability

Community Outreach

Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE) is a new way of allowing everyone in the community to gain invaluable financial awareness and skills, playing a key part in transforming people’s lives.

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Personal finance can be a sensitive issue, and the stigma people feel when asking for help is often another barrier. There are 13 million people in the UK who do not have enough savings to support them for one month if they experienced a 25% cut in income, so learning the basics of money management is vital. The flexibility of LiFE meets these needs and allows everyone to access financial education on their own terms. 

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LiFE meets the needs of families who may be time poor as well as struggling to make ends meet on a low income, benefiting both parents and children. With almost half a million additional people who are likely to be in poverty by 2020/21, Financial Capability is a crucial skill to help resilience and build confidence and understanding.

1 in 6 people in the UK are in debt. Our aim is to reach the most vulnerable people in our society, to give them the finanacial skills and confidence they need in dealing with money and financial products.

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The number of people in poverty in a working family is 55% Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion 2016 Report -Joseph Rowntree Foundation


LiFE gives people the foundation of knowledge and financial skills to make safe financial decisions in a changing economy, especially with huge changes such as the rollout of Universal Credit, addressing the increased pressure on vulnerable young people and adults who are facing financial exclusion.

LiFE is accessible for all, and can be tailored to the needs of any learner, building confidence and independence in a comfortable and flexible environment.

Whilst learners gain crucial financial capability skills, working through LiFE will also improve their numeracy, literacy and digital abilities, helping them to prepare for the workplace or further education.

Find out more about LiFE >>

LiFE is

Easy to start
Learners can be registered at any time and require no expert teaching.

Literacy, numeracy and digital skills are improved alongside learning about managing money.

Designed with SEND in mind with additional resources to ensure that the programme is accessible for all.

Can be paused and replayed at anytime, and accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Uses real life examples and scenarios that will be familiar to learners, enabling them to see the value of the content.

Moves away from the traditional classroom environment.

No pressure
The formal qualification for LiFE is optional so learners can simply achieve a certificate of completion, without the stress of an exam.


LiFE Ambassadors

 The LiFE ambassador role acknowledges the commitment to recognising the importance of Financial Education via the LiFE programme.  The role and responsibilities of the LiFE Ambassador may include:

  • Working with prospective learners within the community or educational setting to raise their aspirations, encourage and inspire them to complete LiFE units
  • Positively sharing your experience of LiFE
  • Highlighting the benefits and opportunities of the LiFE Programme
  • Giving short talks or presentations about your experiences of LiFE and the importance of Good Money Management
  • Present LiFE Certificates to learners when required
  • Assist in preparation of additional resources including podcast recordings, interviews and blogs and posts in the teacher forum

If you would like to nominate someone you know for the LiFE Ambassador role please email communityoutreach@libf.ac.uk



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