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Financial Capability

My Financial Career

My financial career provides information about different sectors, jobs and routes into the financial services industry.


Financial services can seem confusing – from the technical language, to the huge variety of sectors and careers in finance.

Financial Servcies are the variety of products, services and facilities provided by the finance industry, which covers a huge spread of organisations that manage money including credit card and insurance companies. These range from providing bank accounts to individuals, to developing complex computer models to help governments trade and raise money.

Every person, company or industry in the world needs services to help them manage their money, protect them from unforeseen events or provide credit or loans. This is why financial services are so important.

Financial career facts

  • £124.2bn: The amount financial services contributed in gross value to the UK economy in 2016
    (Source: UK Parliament)
  • 2.2m: The number of people employed in financial services and related sectors in the UK (Source: TheCityUK)
  • 363,800: The number of people employed in financial and professional services in London alone (Source: City of London Corporation)
  • 158: Number of banks incorporated in the UK (Source: Prudential Regulation Authority)