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Girl and teacher working at a computer in a classroom

Financial Education in Wales 

Put your pupils on the right path

With an expanding financial sector in Wales our qualifications will give your students the financial knowledge that many employers continue to complain young people lack.

Our Financial Education qualifications are structured and formally assessed to help young people leave school with the necessary life and financial skills to make informed decisions. They are designed to help students develop financial independence and prepare them for life after education. All our qualifications attract performance points and are listed on The Qualification in Wales database.

Our GCSE equivalent Level 2 qualifications offer full GCSE points and are graded A*- C. These are the perfect complement to the Welsh GCSE Numeracy and Mathematics and the Enterprise and Employability Challenge of the Welsh Baccalaureate.

We also provide Level 3 qualifications that are equivalent to AS and A2 Level and offer full UCAS points.  These are graded A* - E.

Find out more about our Financial Education qualifications.