Key information for performance tables

Performance Tables beyond 2022

Level 1 / 2 Technical Award in Financial Studies

This qualification, recently introduced for first teaching in September 2022, is included within DfE performance tables for both 2024 and 2025.

Level 3 Certificate / Diploma in Financial Studies

As part of the ongoing level 3 review, the DfE recently released details of the types of qualifications which they intend to defund from 2024 onwards. If these qualifications align with T Levels in the same subject area or are not part of a list of accepted subject areas, then the qualifications will have their funding removed. Qualifications that are not A levels (academic) or T Levels (technical) will need to meet a new approval process and fulfil certain criteria. Within the academic category there will also be Alternative Academic Qualifications (AAQs). These will be similar in size to one A level and be included in the DfE sector subject areas list. In addition, where there is no equivalent A level, the DfE may also approve small AAQs. 

The reform will be broken down into cycles to allow a more staggered approach and to support schools, colleges and awarding organisations with their forward planning and workload.

How will this affect LIBF CeFS and DipFS?

Both CeFS/DipFS align with T Levels waves 3 and 4. This means we are in cycle 2 of the process. Currently, this means that funding for both CeFS/DipFS will remain until at least 2026. There is a new approval process for AAQs and we intend to submit our qualifications in line with the new process. (We have experience in these processes, following our recent level 1/2 Technical Certificate in Finance (TCF) approval. This approval was granted using the new DfE process, introduced for level 2 technical awards, and TCF was approved for funding and inclusion on KS4 performance tables).

As more details are known we will update these pages and communicate directly with delivering centres.