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Key information for performance tables

Delivering CeFE

The following information does not apply for schools in Wales.  CeFE is still accredited by Qualification Wales as a full GCSE equivalent until 2023.

The Department for Education advised Awarding Organisations of qualifications that have been approved on the 2020 performance tables. Unfortunately, following the final appeal, our Certificate in Financial Education (CeFE) has not been approved.

However, CeFE is still available for you to deliver. If you would like to discuss your particular cohort’s needs, then please contact your Customer Relationship Manager in the first instance.

We’d like to remind you that our exciting Lessons in Financial Education programme, at level 1 and 2, is also available and addresses issues of financial education, employability and careers development. It is delivered entirely online, usually within a year, and so releases valuable curriculum and teaching time.

Performance Tables beyond 2020

The Department for Education (DfE) are adopting a process of automatically including all qualifications into the 2021 and 2022 performance tables that are currently approved in the 2020 performance tables.

This means that our qualifications approved for inclusion in the 2020 performance tables (both CeFS and DipFS) will also be included in performance tables for 2021 and 2022 and continue to contain challenging content and rigorous assessment, providing students with a strong pathway to further education and career opportunities.


It should be noted that, as with previous years, when considering the performance tables, the DfE can decide to remove qualifications at any point in the academic year, if there is a change in the requirements or a change in application of the requirements.