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Applying for the Masters

What you need to do

  1. Download and complete the electronic programme application form.

    Download application form

  2. Provide certified copies of your qualification certificates and academic transcripts. (You are not required to include these for any qualifications awarded by or in partnership with us.)

  3. If English is not your first language, include the appropriate certified evidence that you meet the entry criteria.

  4. Write a personal statement (approximately 500-600 words). Tell us why you have chosen to apply for this Masters, what you hope to gain from it and how you would contribute to the learning group. Include all the information you feel is relevant to help us assess your suitability for the programme.

  5. Provide two independent references in support of your application. Your referees must be able to comment on any academic or professional experience relevant to the qualification and your ability to undertake the proposed course of study. One reference must be supplied by your current or most recent financial services employer. References written by family members will not be accepted. You should ensure that the references are submitted by the deadline stated; we will not be responsible for following up references not received.

  6. Supply certified proof of identity e.g. a copy of your passport, photo driving licence or EU National Identity Card.

Email all documentation in support of your application, together with a scanned copy of your signed application form, directly to masters@libf.ac.uk or email us if you have any questions.

Copies of all original documents submitted in support of your application must be certified (i.e. signed, dated and, if appropriate, bearing a company stamp) by an individual of professional standing e.g. your employer, doctor, lawyer, university lecturer etc.

Please note that, if you do not submit copies of your qualification certificates with your application, we will not be able to make you a firm offer. Your application will be put on hold and a decision postponed until we receive the documents.


You may be invited to an interview as part of the application process.  Interviews can be held at our London City Campus, by Skype or by telephone, depending on your location and availability.

Complaints and Appeals

We are committed to providing a high quality admissions service which is fair, efficient and transparent. If you have a problem with an admissions decision or with the way your application has been handled please contact us as we are confident that, in most cases, the issue will be able to be resolved quickly and without having to use the formal process.

However, if you remain unhappy, we operate a formal Complaints and Appeals procedure for applicants. Please refer to Chapter 10 (“Student Complaints and Appeals”) of our Code of Practice.

Appeals are made against specific admissions decisions (e.g. a decision not to make an offer); complaints concern any aspect of the consideration of an application by us. The grounds on which complaints and appeals can be made are set out in our Code of Practice, but please note that complaints or appeals cannot be made against academic judgement.