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Flexible study

All modules are taught through a combination of independent study, group activities and real-time tutorials. Week-by-week online study guides take you through every module, providing contextual background, directing you to both required and optional readings, and suggesting a number of activities to support and deepen your understanding. These up-to-the-minute guides are essential for a sector that is constantly evolving.

Online discussions

Online discussion forums allow you to share thoughts and critiques of articles and any other contributions with the rest of the group. By joining online debates with other students and the module lecturers, you will quickly immerse yourself into the programme's collaborative and supportive learning community. You will have full access to our online library, which combines information from a wide range of news articles, academic and industry journals, reference books and websites.

Online webinars

Taking place at regular intervals throughout each term, webinars offer further opportunity to work closely with your fellow students and lecturers. These “live” sessions (recorded for future reference) are core to the course, ensuring that you never feel too distant from us or your peer group. Led by the programme team, the webinars cover key elements of the syllabus and provide tailored support for forthcoming assessments.


There are frequent opportunities for scheduled 1-2-1 tutorials with your module lecturer. Taking place by a mode of communication that suits you, these relatively informal sessions provide you with the opportunity to hear feedback on your performance, to discuss specific areas of the course and to receive support as you prepare for forthcoming assessments.


The Postgraduate team will be your main point of contact for advice, guidance and tailored support on all non-academic matters such as navigating your studies, dealing with changing circumstances and taking a break from the programme.

Guest videos

A key element of this programme is the inclusion of guest speakers drawn from both industry and academia. Videos of interviews and presentations are offered to you exclusively through the course website, thereby enabling you to gain valuable insights into today's financial services sector from some of its most influential academics and practitioners. Examples of topics discussed include leadership challenges, regulation and the problem of funding, Basel III, stress testing, operational risk and challenger banks.

A cohort experience

You will join as a group and progress through the programme as a distinct cohort. This provides increased opportunities for peer interaction, team-building and collaborative learning, and you will quickly find that your fellow students become an invaluable and supportive learning resource.