Certificate in Retail and Digital Banking (CertRDB)

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Certificate in Retail and Digital Banking (CertRDB)

Looking for a challenge or to kickstart your career in retail banking? Expand your knowledge of the banking sector and level up with CertRDB.


About the qualification

During challenging economic climates – staff need to adapt to the changing banking world.

Identifying customer vulnerability and managing customer retention has become a key priority for retail banks. As well as building strong relationships with customers over digital channels.

The recent developments in digital transformation indicate that more neo banks and fintech companies are entering the market and creating a disruption in the sector. This directly impacts the future of retail banking. Hence to compete effectively, banks are enhancing their products and services by drawing on their large customer base.

Retail banking staff need to:

  1. increase focus on digital transformation and innovation
  2. have a deep knowledge of products, services and the regulation that guides them such as the FCA consumer duty
  3. identify and understand ever-changing customer expectations.

The key priority for retail banks is to provide constant support and a good customer experience, by utilising data and identifying issues early on to prevent long-term issues.

Certificate in Retail and Digital Banking (CertRDB) addresses these new challenges and approaches the future of retail banking by expanding your knowledge of regulatory requirements, digital banking, automation, products and services.

Understanding the different types of retail banking customers and how customer data is captured and analysed, you will be able to provide a more helpful and effective service to your customers.

Your new skills will equip you to work more independently in a digital environment. Studying CertRDB will provide you with a solid foundation for a broad range of careers across the retail banking space.

While studying with us, you’ll become a Member of The London Institute of Banking & Finance (MLIBF), receiving benefits including careers support and access to professional networking events. 

Your studies will cover 

  • The importance of KPI’s and service level agreements (SLA’s) in delivering a positive customer experience
  • Different types of retail banking customers and the changes in their expectations and behaviour
  • Managing and monitoring customer retention
  • Supporting vulnerable customers
  • The evolution of digital payment options and its impact on customers and banks
  • The digital disruption of neo banks and fintech companies
  • Digital influences in financial services regulation and legislation

How much does it cost?              £400 – includes study materials and exam entry
Average time to complete? Six months – but you have up to 12 months from registration to complete 
Number of units  Two
How will I be assessed? Multiple-choice examination. View the assessment section for further details.

You can take your exam at a test centre or at home with remote invigilation 

Once you’ve passed you’ll receive a digital certificate. A paper copy can also be ordered for an additional fee.
What study materials do I get?

As part of your fee, you'll get:

  • omni-channel digital learning platform
  • online access to the core learning materials
  • learning material self-print option
  • access to KnowledgeBank (e-library)
  • unit syllabuses
  • study planner
  • end of topic ‘test your knowledge’ questions
  • specimen papers
  • a comprehensive range of interactive questions and activities. 
You will be learning on our new VLE Brightspace, click on the logo to find out more.

How will I study? Everything is online and you can study at a pace that suits you
  • Registered with Ofqual in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)
  • Meets the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) examination standards
  • Part of the Apprenticeship Standards for Level 3 Compliance/Risk Officer and Level 3 Senior Financial Services Customer Advise.



CertRDB has two units and you need to successfully complete both of them to achieve your certificate.

Unit 1 – The Delivery of Retail and Digital Banking (DRDB)

  • Understand banking customers, what they want and expect from banks and how the evolution of digital technology continues to change customer expectations
  • Evaluate the need to provide high standards of customer service
  • Understand how banks capture and analyse and use data about their customers
  • Understand how regulation and legislation affects financial services organisations and their customers
  • Identify the operation and features of key retail financial products and services.

Unit 2 – Assessing Customer Needs and Providing Solutions (ACNS)

  • Assess the needs and aspirations of retail banking customers and identify appropriate financial solutions to meet these needs.

Are you eligible for an exemption?

If you have qualifications from us or another awarding organisation, we may be able to count them as credits.

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You will be assessed for each unit by a one-hour electronic multiple-choice exam.

  • Unit 1– 50 stand-alone multiple-choice questions
  • Unit 2 – six case studies with five multiple-choice questions linking to each case study.

You can choose when to take your exam and pick from test centres nationwide or through remote invigilation.  

You will have 12 months from your course start date to complete each module and sit the exam. Your first exam is included in the registration fee. 

Exam and assessment information


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