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Diploma in Retail Banking Conduct of Business (DipRBCB)

Professional qualifications

Diploma in Retail Banking Conduct of Business (DipRBCB)

This qualification is no longer available to new registrants.

Two women in a classroom

This qualification is no longer available to new registrants.

We are offering the Certified Fintech Practitioner as an alternative qualification to take.

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About the qualification

DipRBCB will give you a deeper insight into the customer life cycle and the drivers that affect it.

You’ll also learn the rules, practices, and guidelines in retail banking to give yourself an in-depth knowledge on coaching and leadership skills – preparing you for your next role as a line manager.

Even if you have reached a management position already, DipRBCB will help solidify these core skills to give you more confidence.

If you have already studied CertRBCB or CertRDB with us, you’ll only need to do one more unit to qualify and you will be entitled to a reduced fee when you register.

What your studies will cover

  • Understanding the needs, wants and goals of your retail banking customers
  • How regulation and legislation affect products and services
  • The importance of customer services and relationship management
  • The different product and services features
  • Providing high standards of customer service
  • How to assess a customer’s goals and identify solutions for them
Registration fee We are no longer accepting registrations
When to apply? We are no longer accepting registrations
Number of units     Three
Average time to complete 12 months           
Study type This qualification is on-demand. Everything is online and you can study at a pace that suits you.
Study material You’ll receive:
  • a printed study textbook
  • online access to our student portal MyLIBF
  • online access to our virtual library KnowledgeBank
  • unit syllabuses
  • specimen exam papers
  • student led discussion forums
  • study tip videos
  • weekly study planner
Assessment type  Two-hour multiple choice exam
Assessment provider You can book your exam at test centres nationwide or through remote invigilation 
Regulation Registered with Ofqual in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). 

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If you have already completed CertRBCB or CertRDB, then you only need to study and pass unit three to achieve the Diploma. 

Unit 1 - Principles of Retail Banking (PORB)

  • The financial services environment and the operation and features of key retail financial products and services
  • Different retail banking customer needs and aspirations
  • Delivering effective customer service and its impact on customer retention
  • Regulatory objectives and processes

Unit 2 - Retail Banking Customer Solutions (RBCS)

  • Principles and rules of key legal concepts relating to retail banking and the impact for customers
  • The conduct of business rules on retail banking customers and providers
  • The impact of customer service quality for retail banking customers and providers

Unit 3 - Advanced Retail Banking Conduct of Business (ARCB)

  • The importance of rules, practices and guidelines for retail banking and its related products
  • Customer relationship management and the impact of customer attrition
  • Different types of risks and how to manage these successfully
  • Performance management techniques
  • Leadership and management skills

If you haven't completed the certificate you can view the qualification here
CPQ Blue Testimonial

I think the course is excellent and very applicable to my role in a retail branch. The materials definitely are spot on with current issues and made me think about the future and how I can personally help shape it through change and management.

Joe Chesterman Banking Consultant


You will be assessed by a two-hour multiple-choice exam split into:

  • Section A – 50 multiple-choice questions
  • Section B – four case studies, with an associated multiple-choice question

Please note this is for unit 3 only. For unit 1 and 2 please visit the CertRBCB or CertRDB page.

You can choose when to take your exam and pick from test centres nationwide or through remote invigilation. 

You will have 12 months from when you register, to complete each module and sit the exam. Your first exam is included in the registration fee for each module.

How to book your exam

Once you have passed all three units, we will post your certificate to you.