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Professional Diploma in Banking & Finance

The Professional Diploma in Banking & Finance designation is a mark of professional standing and demonstrates a commitment to developing specialist knowledge, building competence and achieving better customer outcomes.


The London Institute of Banking & Finance’s new Professional Qualifications Framework provides clear pathways for career development and professional recognition through to Chartered status.

The Professional Diploma in Banking & Finance offers a flexible choice of industry recognised qualifications and recognised learning elements* designed to support those in management and graduate entrant roles. Study at this level is flexible and aimed at providing immediate practical relevance in the workplace. The qualifications included within this stage support career pathways in retail and consumer banking, or business, commercial and corporate banking, regulated advice and specialist roles.

Professional Qualifications Framework


To achieve the Professional Diploma you will need a minimum of 60 credits at Level 4 or 5. This includes the compulsory Level 5 Professionalism, Conduct & Ethics qualification, as well as normally 2 other options from the list below.

The components are structured into a Retail & Consumer Banking Stream and a Business, Commercial & Corporate Banking Stream but any component can be taken with the credits being recognised towards the required total.

Retail & Consumer Banking

Business, Commercial & Corporate Banking

Module - Retail Lending*

An introduction to the skills required to effectively manage the varied lending requests made by customers. In this context customers are defined as consumers, micro-enterprises and small charities and associations.

View the Module Specification

Module - Retail Financial Services*

Enables effective management of retail customer relationships and the ability to discuss the main range of retail financial services. The syllabus is arranged to take students from the start of the customer relationship across the potential financial needs of that customer, through to the closing and ending of the relationship.

View the Module Specification

Module - Commercial and Corporate Financial Services*

The detailed relationship between a financial institution and its commercial and corporate customers, including both the legal and practical aspects of the relationship. As well as the important area of analysing lending propositions and structuring suitable solutions.

View the Module Specification

Module - Finance of International Trade*

The principles and practices of international trade payments and finance including:

  • The importance of international trade
  • Types of risks involved, including those arising from exchange rate fluctuations
  • The range of methods available to manage them
  • The international legal and regulatory framework within which international trade has to be conducted
View the Module Specification

*Under a transition phase, Higher Education (HE) modules are available to study with the credits counting towards the credit requirement at the relevant stage (Professional and Expert). The module credits are validated within the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ). A schedule of qualification development is underway to validate these HE modules as qualifications in their own right.

Transferring from a HE award

If you are already studying with us on a Higher Education (HE) award we will have written to you with information about the new Professional Qualifications Framework and the option to transfer. If you wish to transfer from your HE award to the new Professional Qualifications Framework, we will ask you to complete a transfer application form and sign a declaration. We will also need to speak to you about your application to ensure that you make the right study decision.

Please contact our Student and Customer Services teams if you wish to transfer to the Professional Qualifications Framework.


Looking for further information


For registration and other enquiries please contact Student and Customer Services on +44 (0)12 2781 8609.