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CertAutoFS SAF Advanced Academy App

Certificate for Automotive Finance Specialists (CertAutoFS)

SAF Advanced Academy App


The SAF Advanced Academy is an App based training programme accessed from your smart phone, designed to support anyone working in the motor finance sector who wishes to raise or demonstrate their level of knowledge.

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SAF-Advanced-LogoImportant Note: The SAF Advanced Academy App is available to anyone, whether or not they intend to register for the CertAutoFS qualification, however a reduced fee is available for anyone registering for CertAutoFS who has also purchased access to the SAF Advanced Academy App programme.

The App will be of particular help to the following;

  • Anyone on a Motor Finance Specialist Apprenticeship programme who needs to achieve the knowledge requirements.

  • Anyone wishing to attain the benchmark Level 3 professional qualification; Certificate for Automotive Finance Specialists, but who finds it challenging to study from an academic text.

  • Anyone who is already experienced in motor finance but who wants to update and demonstrate their level of knowledge to meet professional standards.

  • Anyone who has recently entered, or who aspires to enter the motor finance sector and wishes to attain a level 3 standard of knowledge with a view to attaining the professional qualification in the future.

Key Benefits of the SAF Advanced Academy App:

  • Study at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

  • Interactive and engaging learning available on your smart phone for easy access.

  • Access to the programme lasts for 12 months and can be continued on an ongoing basis for CPD purposes.

  • Study without the pressure of having to sit an examination within 12 months.

  • Reduced registration fee for CertAutoFS for anyone who has purchased the SAF Advanced Academy previously.

  • Apprenticeship Levy funding can be used to purchase the SAF Advanced Academy App.