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SAF Advanced Academy App terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to the SAF Advanced Academy Application (the App).

1. Registration gives the user access to the App for twelve calendar months from the time of registration. Once this period has elapsed, the user must pay to re-register for the App in order to continue to have access to the App and its features.

2. The fees for the App are shown on the libf.ac.uk website. The fees paid cover access to the features of the App for 12 months.

3. You will receive an email from Fimtrac, our authorised partner for the development and delivery of the App providing you with the login information. Please allow 2 working days to be sent the email. If you have not been sent an email in this time, please contact our Student and Customer Services team on customerservices@libf.ac.uk or by phone on 01227 818609.

4. If registration is cancelled within 48 hours of receiving the App login information from Fimtrac the user will be entitled to a full refund.

5. If you have received a discount on the fee for the Certificate in Automotive Finance (CertAutoFS) qualification on the basis of purchasing the App and subsequently cancel your App registration, the full fee difference for CertAutoFS will be deducted from any refund given.

6. The London Institute of Banking & Finance reserves the right to suspend access where it has reason to suspect that a user has shared their login details with a third party. Where such sharing is proven, we will cancel access without issuing a refund.

7. On registering for the App, your name and email address will be shared with Fimtrac, in order that you may be provided with the login instructions for accessing the App. The personal data collected shall only be used for the purpose of using the App. Your personal information will be removed from the App and any partner servers once it is no longer required for the purpose of providing the App or following our acceptance of a request from you to exercise your right to delete personal data. You will be asked on registration to accept your personal details being used to enable you to access the features of the App. Further details on how we use and protect your personal data and how to exercise your individual rights can be found in our Privacy Notice.

8. The End-User Licence Agreement (EULA) is made between The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) and the user. By purchasing the App, the user acknowledges and agrees that Fimtrac is not a party to the EULA, and makes no commitment to the user and incurs no liability whatsoever to the user.

9. The user is limited to a non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use the application that LIBF licenses and that includes part of the Fimtrac Software (the App) on the user's mobile device subject to any rules or policies applied from any App Store provider or operator from whose site the user downloaded the App.

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