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Professional qualifications

Level 5 Diploma in Asset Finance (DipAF)

Whether you’re new to asset finance or an experienced professional, DipAF will broaden your understanding of asset leasing, regulation, risks, return and credit – and help you advance your career.


About the qualification

Asset finance is a vital and constantly evolving part of the economy. And if you work in asset finance, you need to be confident you're making sound business decisions to keep yourself – and your organisation – competitive.

Studying the DipAF will enable you to demonstrate the high level of expertise and professionalism that you need.

With study materials that relate to the practical work of asset finance, you'll get a better understanding of the whole industry – including economic and social trends, legislation and regulation.

As we created DipAF with The Finance and Leasing Association (FLA), we know it will give you the skills you need to succeed and become a trusted expert. If you choose to continue your studies after DipAF, you could be on your way to chartered status.


Your studies will cover

  • Why businesses need asset finance
  • Essential business management and competitive strategies
  • The asset leasing sector, legal and regulatory requirements
  • Sales and account management processes
  • FLA's Business Finance Code
Registration fee FLA members £2,900
Non-FLA members £3,250
When to apply? We have three registration periods a year.

View our timetable section for upcoming registration deadlines.
Number of units Three
Average time to complete 15 months
Study type This qualification is online, and you will follow a structured timetable
Study materials

As part of your fee, you’ll get: 

  • weekly study guides including activities 
  • webinars (recorded and live)
  • student handbook
  • access to online forum
  • live workshop
  • weekly study planner
  • unit syllabuses
  • specimen and exemplar papers
  • online access to our student portal MyLIBF
  • online access to our virtual library KnowledgeBank
Assessment type Exams and coursework

You can book your exams at Pearson VUE test centres nationwide or sit at home through remote invigilation. 
Regulation This qualification is registered with Ofqual in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

By investing in the future of the asset finance sector, we are helping to secure its vital role in the UK’s business funding landscape.

Stephen Sklaroff - Former Director General of the FLA
CPQ - DipAF - Stephen Sklaroff


DipAF consists of three units.

Unit 1 - Business Management and The Provision of Asset Finance (AFBM)

  • Background to the asset finance industry
  • Essential business management knowledge
  • Key competitive strategies
  • Options available to provide asset finance

Unit 2 - The Legal and Regulatory Requirements of Asset Finance (AFLR)

  • Legal impacts on delivering asset finance services
  • Purpose and powers of the regulators
  • Background and consequences of key legal acts
  • FLA’s Business Finance Code

Unit 3 - The Sales and Account-Management Processes of Asset Finance (AFSA)

  • How to analyse the account management process
  • How to use data to make financial decisions
  • How financial and numerical data can be manipulated

I found the DipAF course really rewarding, as it allowed me to test and add to my knowledge of Asset Finance, whilst gaining an industry recognised qualification. I work in a sales role and have found that I have taken some of the knowledge gained through this course and applied it within my job role.

The course is well structured, allowing you to fit study time around a busy work and home life. The study materials and assessments are comprehensive and varied which keeps it interesting right the way through the course. The Revision workshop held in London was particularly useful as it provided some good techniques for the final exam and also gave the opportunity to meet some of my fellow students.

I will certainly now look to complete the Level 5 Professionalism, Conduct and Ethics (5PCE) qualification to achieve the Professional Diploma in Banking & Finance (PDipB&F) designation.

Simon Lunn - JCB Finance Ltd
DipAF - Simon Lunn


There are three registration periods each year for the DipAF, the upcoming registration dates are available below.

Unit 1 (AFBM)

 Details Date 
 Registration deadline 25 June 2021
 Course start date 05 July 2021
 Coursework deadline 06 September 2021

Unit 2 (AFLR)

 Details Date 
 Registration deadline 25 June 2021 
 Course start date 08 November 2021
 Coursework deadline 17 January 2022

Unit 3 (AFSA)

 Details Date 
 Registration deadline 25 June 2021
 Course start date 14 March 2022
 Exam date 08 September 2022

Unit 1 (AFBM)

 Details Date 
 Registration deadline 29 October 2021
 Course start date 09 November 2021
 Coursework deadline 17 January 2022

Unit 2 (AFLR)

 Details Date 
 Registration deadline 29 October 2021
 Course start date 28 March 2022
 Coursework deadline 31 May 2022

Unit 3 (AFSA)

 Details Date 
 Registration deadline 29 October 2021
 Course start date 01 August 2022
 Exam date 02 February 2023

Unit 1 (AFBM)

 Details Date 
 Registration deadline 25 February 2022
 Course start date 07 March 2022
 Coursework deadline 09 May 2022

Unit 2 (AFLR)

 Details Date 
 Registration deadline 25 February 2022
 Course start date 04 July 2022
 Coursework deadline 05 September 2022

Unit 3 (AFSA)

 Details Date 
 Registration deadline 25 February 2022
 Course start date 14 November 2022
 Exam date 11 May 2023


You will be assessed by:

  • Unit 1 – one-hour 30 multiple choice question exam and written piece coursework
  • Unit 2 – one-hour 30 multiple choice question exam and written piece coursework
  • Unit 3 – two-hour 50 multiple choice question exam as well as a three-hour written exam

When you register for the qualification, you will be allocated a session for the coursework. You can find the coursework assignment and submission dates on the MyLIBF course site.

You will need to submit both pieces of coursework electronically through the course site.

You can decide when and where to take your exam. Choose from test centres nationwide or you can take your exam through remote invigilation. Your unit 3 written exam will be scheduled for a set date according to the session that you register upon.

You will have 12 months to complete the module and sit the exam. Your first attempt at each exam is included in the qualification registration fee. If you wish to retake an exam you will need to pay a resit fee.

How to book your Pearson VUE exam

When you have successfully completed the qualification, we will post your certificate to you and you will be able to use the designation letters ‘DipAF’ after your name.


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