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Professional Qualifications

How to book your Pearson VUE exam

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A number of our professional qualifications are assessed by a Pearson VUE electronic exam and taken at one of their test centres.

You will need to book your exam directly with Pearson VUE – online or over the phone. You can do this up to three months before the exam, or as little as one working day before the exam date – subject to availability.

Depending on the module and availability, exams take place at test centres or through remote invigilation. The options available to you will be clear when you book your exam.

For most of our exams, you will have 12 months from registering to sit your exam. We recommend booking at least two months before your qualification registration expires, as centres fill up quickly. And if you need to resit your exam, you will be able to do so within 12 months of paying the resit fee.

The exception is the Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics (FSRE) and Certificate in Relationship Management (CertRM) exam. For these qualifications you have nine months to sit the exam, and a nine-month window to resit.

If you need to change your exam date, time or venue, contact Pearson VUE directly. You will need to give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice online – or at least one working day’s notice by phone – or your fee will be forfeited.

To book your exam you need to

  • Register for one of the professional qualifications listed below
  • Read the information below
  • Have a valid email address held with us
  • Use your Pearson VUE username and password found in your MyLIBF account on the ‘important registration information’ page
  • Wait two hours after registering for a module or qualification, allowing Pearson VUE’s system to update with your details

If you are attending an exam centre, you can find an exam centre near you on the Pearson VUE website. 

Search for Pearson VUE test centre 

Professional qualifications with Pearson VUE electronic exams

Book your exam online

First time users

1. Log into your MyLIBF account to find your Pearson VUE username and password. These are found when you click on the ‘Book an Exam’ link via www.mylibf.com.

2. Go to the Pearson VUE website.

3. Enter your Pearson VUE username and password. If this is the first time you have logged into your Pearson VUE account, it will prompt you to change your password after you sign in and ask you to answer some security questions.

4. Click on your pre-approved exam, select your chosen exam centre, and select a date and time.

5. Make sure all the details are correct and proceed to checkout. Read all the important information and accept the policies. Click next and press submit order.

6. You will receive a confirmation email with the exam details from Pearson VUE. If you don’t receive the confirmation email within one hour or if any of the information within the email is incorrect, call Pearson VUE as soon as possible.

Existing users

You can find your Pearson VUE username on the ‘Book an Exam’ link via your MyLIBF account.

If you have logged into your Pearson VUE account before, you would have updated your password. Your new password will not be stored in your MyLIBF account. If you have forgotten this, you can use the ‘I forgot my password’ function on the Pearson VUE login page.

Log in to MyLIBF to find your Pearson VUE account details      Log in to your Pearson VUE account

Book your exam by phone

You will need your LIBF number and name of the qualification/module you are booking. Please find Pearson VUE's telephone numbers below.

United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa region: +44 (0)370 608 1915

Office Hours: Monday–Friday, 8am-5pm GMT; closed on local holidays.

Americas region: 888-298-5910 (toll-free) / +1-952-905-7335 (toll)

Office Hours: Monday–Friday, 7am-7pm CT; closed on local holidays.

Asia-Pacific region: 60 383 191 085

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 1.30 pm-10.30 pm local time for each country; closed on local holidays.

Log in to MyLIBF to find your Pearson VUE account details 

Important information about booking an exam with Pearson VUE

You will need a valid email address held with us, so Pearson VUE can communicate with you about your exam.

Go to the ‘my details’ section if you wish to update your email. Make sure you wait 2 hours before you book your exam, allowing the system to update.

MyLIBF details 

Your Pearson VUE username and password can be found via your MyLIBF account on the ‘Book an exam’ link.

Your Pearson VUE login details are automatically generated when you register for the qualification and are different from your MyLIBF login details. The first time you log into your Pearson VUE account, you will need to sign in as a ‘returning user’. You will then be prompted to change your password after you sign in and ask you to answer some security questions.  

Each time you book, reschedule or cancel an exam with Pearson VUE they will send you a confirmation email.

If you don’t receive this email within one hour, or if any of the information is incorrect, call Pearson VUE as soon as possible.

We are unable to give special consideration for booking problems if a student hasn’t checked the confirmation email from Pearson VUE.

You can sit two exams in one day, however as Pearson VUE’s booking system is unable to recognise this, it’s your responsibility to ensure these don’t clash and you have a break in between exams.

You should allow:  

  • 15 minutes before your exam to check in
  • 15 minutes for your practice session once your exam has started
  • Stated Exam duration
  • 10 minutes at the end of your exam for a survey
  • 15 minute break in between exams

For example, for a two hour exam if your first exam starts at 10am, your second exam should start no earlier than 1pm.

Electronic Pearson VUE exam:
Before your registration expiry date you can cancel your exam or change your exam date, time or venue (subject to availability). You will need to contact Pearson VUE directly, giving a minimum of 24 hours’ notice online or at least one working days’ notice by phone prior to your current exam booking. For example, if your exam is booked for a Monday, the latest you can reschedule is the previous Friday.

Pearson VUE can be reached via the details given on your Important Registration Information link on MyLIBF or on the phone numbers listed above.

Session based exams (set exam date as per study timetable) including Advanced Financial Advice (AFA):
Please telephone Student & Customer Services directly to discuss your options. You may be able to change your venue, but will need to call us at least eight weeks before your exam date to check.

For all exams, if you are unable to provide the required notice due to significant mitigating circumstances, such as sudden illness, please contact Students and Customer Services straight away as you may be eligible for Special Consideration. Supporting documentary evidence is required for a Special Consideration application.

Please find Pearson VUE’s telephone numbers above.

Given the individual nature of reasonable adjustments, we recommend that you contact our Student Support team on +44 (0)1227 818609 or support@libf.ac.uk for an informal discussion. The Reasonable Adjustments Policy explains the steps to take when applying and has an application form included.