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This page provides information about resitting for electronic and paper-based exams and resubmitting or resitting coursework.

Electronic exams

You can book to resit an electronic exam within just a few days of your previous attempt, subject to availability at your chosen test centre.

Booking an electronically-tested examination resit

Please visit you MyLIBF account to pay for your resit. Once your payment has been processed, please visit Pearson VUE to book or call Pearson VUE directly. Their contact numbers are as follows:

                Europe, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0)370 608 1915

                Asia Pacific: +61 (2)9478 5425

                America: +1 (952)681 3909

Paper-based exams

The following qualification exams are held on set dates. Please visit the relevant qualification page for Study Timetables or contact Student and Customer Services for details of the next exam dates.

Booking a paper-based resit

If you are booking to resit a paper-based exam, please call Student and Customer Services on +44 (0)12 2781 8609 to make a payment. For information on the next available exam date and the registration/payment deadline you can either call or email us.

Resubmitting or resitting your coursework

Resubmitting your coursework
If you have failed your coursework, you will receive information in your results letter about resubmitting your failed coursework including the registration/payment deadline and the coursework resubmission deadline.

Resitting coursework
If you are resitting your coursework at a future session please refer to the Study Timetable on the relevant qualification page to check the dates of the next study sessions and coursework submission dates. A resit fee will apply.

Resit fees

For confirmation of resit fees, please refer to the relevant qualification page.

Still unsure?

Please call Student and Customer Services on +44 (0)12 2781 8609 or email us.