Diploma in Paraplanning (DipPP)

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Diploma in Paraplanning (DipPP)

Whether you're new to the role – or want to consolidate the knowledge you've gained working as a paraplanner – DipPP will help you advance your career.

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About the qualification

The role of a paraplanner is rapidly changing, becoming increasingly technical and demanding.

DipPP will give you the knowledge and skills you need to meet new challenges in paraplanning and demonstrate your professional expertise.

Your studies will cover the purpose and nature of different financial products, as well as the ethical issues, regulation and the legal framework underpinning the industry.

You’ll discover more about how consumers are affected by socio-economic factors and taxation. This will enable you to provide detailed research proposals for a financial adviser to present to their client.

DipPP will give you a solid foundation to advance your career in financial services and expand your career opportunities.

While studying with us, you’ll become a Member of The London Institute of Banking & Finance (MLIBF), receiving benefits including careers support and access to professional networking events.

Your studies will cover

  • The UK financial services industry in its European and global context
  • The Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) responsibilities and approach to regulation
  • The different types of risk and how they relate to institutions and individuals
  • Ethical, legal and vulnerability considerations
  • The impact of taxation on investments and other recommended solutions
  • The skills you need to produce a suitability report
How much does it cost?              Full qualification (PARA and FSRE)
£1,125 with tutor support
£1,005 without tutor support

PARA only
£825 with tutor support
£720 without tutor support

The price includes study materials and exam entry
Average time to complete
Nine months
Number of units     Two
How will I be assessed? Exams and coursework. View the assessment section for further details.

You can take your exam at a test centre or at home with remote invigilation

Once you’ve passed you’ll receive a digital certificate. A paper copy can also be ordered for an additional fee.
What study materials do I get?

As part of your fee, you’ll get: 

  • access to our virtual library KnowledgeBank
  • new digital learning resources such as videos, animated case studies mathematical exercises and knowledge quizzes
  • online access to our student portal MyLIBF
  • printed textbook
  • specimen papers
  • coursework exemplars
  • chief Examiner reports
  • tax table
  • weekly study planner
You will be learning on our new VLE Brightspace, click on the logo to find out more.
Additional study materials  You can purchase additional study support materials when you register or at any time, including:
  • optional access to experienced web tutors to provide guidance and support
  • FSRE revision videos.
How will I study? Everything is online, you’ll follow a structured timetable
  • Registered with Ofqual in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)
  • Meets the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) examination standards



If you have already completed DipFA or an equivalent Level 4 Financial Advice qualification, you can study the PARA unit on its own and achieve the DipPP designation.

Unit 1 – Financial Services Regulation and Ethics (FSRE)

You'll develop your understanding of the financial services industry. You’ll also build your knowledge of regulation, the FCA, legislation, ethics, professional standards, and risk.

Unit 2 – Paraplanning (PARA)

Find out how the broader financial market relates to your role as a paraplanner and what influences the recommendations for clients. Develop your research, analysis and writing skills so that you can create high-quality suitability reports.

Are you eligible for an exemption?

If you have qualifications from us or another awarding organisation, we may be able to count them as credits.

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Unit 1 – FSRE – recommended study time three months
This unit starts as soon as you register. Once you register, you’ll have 12 months to sit the exam. It’s recommended to sit this exam before you start the next unit.

Unit 2 – PARA – recommended study time six months
 Recommended study time six months PARA has two coursework components. You can register for one of two sessions throughout the year. The sessions cover both parts of the coursework and are detailed in the tables below.

PARA 1 unit:

Details Date 
 Registration deadline   07 August 2023
 Course start date   14 August 2023
 Coursework deadline   20 November 2023  

PARA 2 unit:

Details Date 
 Registration deadline   07 August 2023
 Course start date   14 August 2023
 Coursework deadline   12 February 2024  


PARA 1 unit:

Details Date 
 Registration deadline  05 February 2024  
 Course start date  12 February 2024  
 Coursework deadline  20 May 2024 

PARA 2 unit:

Details Date 
 Registration deadline  05 February 2024  
 Course start date  12 February 2024   
 Coursework deadline  12 August 2024 

PARA 1 unit:

Details Date 
 Registration deadline   05 August 2024
 Course start date   12 August 2024
 Coursework deadline   18 November 2024   

PARA 2 unit:

Details Date 
 Registration deadline   05 August 2024
 Course start date   12 August 2024
 Coursework deadline   10 February 2025  



You’ll be assessed in each unit by:

  • Unit 1 – a 90 multiple-choice question exam and two case studies with five multiple-choice questions each
  • Unit 2 – two pieces of coursework

You can choose when to take your exam and pick from test centres nationwide  or through remote invigilation. 

Exam and assessment information

Additional study support


Tutor Support

For Unit 1, all students will have access to a tutor-supported online forum
For Unit 2, if you select the 'with tutor support' option for Unit 2 when registering for DipPP, you will again have access to our team of experienced web tutors through an online tutor forum.

Our tutors are all experts who have worked as financial advisers. This means that as well as explaining the theory, they can show you how it translates into practice by drawing on their experience. You’ll be able to post questions to the forum about the learning or the coursework and your tutor will get back to you with a reliable and personalised response.  

How much does it cost?

Students will need to register for DipPP using our online registration form and select the option ‘with tutor support’. This cost is £100 bringing the total cost to £1,050. 

FSRE Revision Videos

If you are studying Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics (FSRE), support your learning with our FSRE revision videos.

The videos focus on the areas of the syllabus that students find more difficult. An experienced tutor breaks down the learning into smaller topics to help you digest the content more easily and providing examples to support your learning. The videos also include example questions throughout that help reinforce your learning to help you prepare and give you a taste of the exam question style.

The videos can be watched on any device, from anywhere in the world – as long as you have internet access – giving you the flexibility to study when and where it suits you.

The videos cost just £149 for the full series and access lasts for 12 months. There is just under 4 hours of video content in total. Once purchased, they will be available for you to access on through your www.mylibf.com account.

To purchase the FSRE videos, simply log into your www.mylibf.com account and click on “Purchase Additional Study Support” button.


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