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Our CeMAP Milestone - 100K

We are thrilled to announce that 100,000 of our students have now completed our trademark CeMAP qualification, an incredible milestone for us and our students.

As the industry’s benchmark qualification CeMAP has enabled thousands to meet the FCA requirements and become qualified mortgage advisers.

What you might not know about CeMAP

  • 49% of our students are aged between 21 and 30 years
  • The average time it took for a student to pass CeMAP 1 (UKFR) was 9 months, CeMAP 2 was 7 months and CeMAP 3 was just 5.8 months
  • 31% of registrations are from professionals of between 31 and 40 years 

Follow our 100K CeMAP campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #CeMAP100K



of students would recommend CeMAP to a friend or colleague



of students felt supported by the course materials


of students were satisfied with CeMAP overall  
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