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Professional qualifications

Schedule of registration fees


Module, resit and course fees will increase for corporate and professional Qualifications. Following a scheduled annual review, the new fees are outlined in the documents below.

The new fees are effective from the 2nd September 2019.



Module / qualification

Unit registration fee – includes first   assessment

Resit fee

  Certificate in International Trade Finance (CITF)



  Certificate for Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS)



  Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees (CSDG)



  Certificate in Supply Chain Finance (CSCF)



  Certificate in Principles of Payments (CertPAY)



  CDCS, CSDG, and CSCF recertification (if re-certifying through PDU’s)



  Late recertification fee 



   CertPAY study text (available to purchase through Amazon)

£40 + P&P


  Replacement study text (CDCS, CITF, CSDG)





 Miscellaneous   Fee

  UK trackable delivery


  Trackable international postage for a certificate


 Search fee for a reference request



  Replacement certificate


  Result enquiry - re-mark and clerical check



  Result enquiry – feedback


  Result enquiry - re-mark, clerical check and feedback


  Appeal stage one


  Appeal stage two (for SPS only)


 Deferral Fee per assessment: Advanced Mortgage Advice, Advanced Financial Advice, DipBB&C, AdvDipFA, PETR, 5PCE, CDCS, CSDG, DipAF



 PETR / UKFR / FSRE certificate (if completed under AdvDipFA / CeMAP / DipFA)  £30

Young female teacher working one to one with student