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Centre for Sustainable Finance Videos

The Centre for Sustainable Finance at The London Institute of Banking & Finance has partnered with influential sustainable businesses.


Sustainable finance in action

With climate change a top priority for organisations and governments around the world, LIBF is bringing together key players in the finance sector to highlight organisations, projects and activities that are making a difference. 

Over the next few months, in collaboration with Zinc Media, we’ll be releasing films from different organisations to show how they’re playing their part.


WHEB: Driving Impact in the real world


This B Corp investment firm has built its entire reputation on sustainable investing. WHEB invests in companies that are enabling and benefitting from the transition to a low carbon and more sustainable economy. This means they only invest in companies whose products and services have a positive impact on the environment and/or society, businesses which are solving sustainability challenges.

They've developed a tool called the Impact Engine which analyses products in terms of the environmental and social impact they have in the real world. WHEB also has an Impact Calculator, which brings to life the real-word impacts associated with their clients’ investments.

This film features:

  • George Latham, Managing Partner
  • Seb Beloe, Partner and Head of Research
  • Ted Franks, Partner and Fund Manager
  • Ty Lee, Associate Fund Manager
  • Rachael Monteiro, Business Development Associate, and
  • Analyst, Claire Jervis.


Acre: Careers in finance are changing 


From Acre, we hear about recruitment's essential role in achieving change –– and in keeping pace with an expanding and fast evolving sustainable finance landscape which has new and exciting career opportunities.  

  • Ian Povey-Hall, Global Head of Sustainable Finance & Impact Investing, Acre
  • Sofia Benmouffok, Head of Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing (Americas), Acre
  • Laura Garcia Vèlez, Quantitative Analyst, Lombard Odier Group
  • Helen Pradas-Page, Head of ESG & Responsible Investment, Acre
  • Shelagh Whitley, Chief Sustainability Officer, Principles for Responsible Investment, and
  • Andy Cartland, the Founder of Acre.


Sarasin & SRI: The finance industry is heading one way – towards sustainability 


Through years of specialising in sustainable finance, Julia Dreblow from SRI Services has developed a database tool to help financial advisers understand their clients' ESG concerns.

Sarasin & Partners was one of the companies she worked with throughout the development process, and they’ve developed Tomorrow’s World –a multi-asset strategy to seek out investments that will be sustainable for the long term. 

This film features:

  • Julia Dreblow, Sustainable Finance Expert from SRI Services
  • Henry Boucher, Sarasin's Head of Investment Strategy, and 
  • Megan Brennan, Portfolio Manager.

Launch of the Green Finance Education Charter

We are pleased to play our part in financing the green recovery by signing the first Green Finance Education Charter & integrating green finance into members' professional development programmes.

Thematic Bonds: where next? - Webinar 


Chris McHugh, Director of our Centre for Sustainable Finance, puts thematic bonds into context with the developing market infrastructure around sustainable finance.