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Programmes, courses and qualifications

The Centre for Digital Banking & Finance offers short courses, training and qualifications in several digital banking areas including fintech, innovation, retail and more.

Our courses are available to organisations and individuals in both the UK and international sector.


Level 6 Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking (SMIB)

We have designed our qualification in Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking for future and existing leaders in financial services organisations.

It provides students with the knowledge and the skills they need to devise and implement strategies that achieve organisational goals. It will help students understand and respond to what drives change and how digital is transforming banking and finance.

SMIB is a Level 6 qualification registered with Ofqual.

Your studies will cover:

  • why strategy is important for banking operations
  • what drives strategy externally, and how strategy is affected by internal environments
  • the changes that have disrupted the banking sector and how they have affected the banking value chain, products and services
  • how customer expectations are changing and why we need to redesign customer experience models
  • the types of digital services that organisations can apply at each stage of the customer journey
  • the role of banks in the future financial services value chain
  • what new capabilities the sector will need to support the customer journey and the services of a digital bank in the future.

Find out more SMIB

Digital Retail Banking programme

Currently in development.

This is an introductory professional qualification for frontline retail banking staff and team leaders, new entrants to the sector and management trainees. It will give you a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of retail banking and help you explore how digital technology is changing banks’ business models, customer expectations and the delivery of retail financial services.

Your studies will cover:

  • new and emerging bank business models, retail products and services
  • how customer expectations and behaviour are changing and what the implications of these changes are for customer delivery channels
  • innovation in retail banking and how banks deliver product innovation through different channel experiences
  • how enabling technologies are impacting on bank support processes and organisation
  • how banks need to modernise their IT infrastructure
  • big data and how banks are using data insights
  • how banks measure performance
  • The implications of digital transformation on the skills needs of banks and the role of effective managers

This programme is currently in development. For further information, register your interest.

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Bespoke short courses and training programmes

We provide bespoke short courses to help organisations, leaders and teams, consider how digital technology might impact their strategy, business models, products, operations and working practices.

Our network of subject matter experts can design programmes to meet your specific learning objectives.

And we can deliver those programmes face to face, virtually – or through a combination of the two. We will also co-ordinate the duration of our programmes – from a few hours to a few months – to accommodate your needs.

All of our faculty members have international experience and are skilled at tailoring consultancy and training programmes to local and regional market conditions.

Course and programme area examples

  • How is digital evolving for banks?
  • What is open banking?
  • What are the key regulations?
  • What are the key technology enablers?
  • Where are the fintech battlegrounds?
  • fintech for emerging markets
  • All about the fintech sub-sectors

  • What is ‘big data’?
  • Data science and machine learning
  • All about artificial intelligence (AI)?
  • What is ‘natural language processing’?
  • How to become a data-driven organisation

  • How to develop an agile workforce
  • How to establish a ‘digital first’ mindset in your workplace
  • Emotional intelligence, empathy and engagement
  • How to foster a culture of innovation
  • How to develop and empower talent
  • How to lead in an ambiguous and disruptive environment

  • How digital technologies are changing customer expectations, increasing competition, and challenging the customer experience
  • How today’s digital disruptors operate and innovate
  • How to define a customer-first digital vision for your business
  • How to identifying obstacles to change and tackle poor management processes
  • How to adopt an agile mindset and short-cycle iterations
  • How to accelerate digital transformation

  • How can digital channels engage retail and business banking customers?
  • How can you proactively plan your digital campaign?
  • How different digital channels can attract and engage customers
  • All you need to know about planning and delivering integrated digital campaigns
  • How to measure performance and maximise return on investment (ROI)
  • How to develop and optimise a digital channel strategy

  • How customers behave when they go digital
  • Techniques to help you measure and optimise digital performance and maximise your return on investment (ROI)
  • The principles of digital marketing: best practice
  • What are the latest digital marketing trends?
  • What challenges does digital present to the industry?
  • Digital campaign planning: how to shift your teams from reactive to proactive
  • How to illustrate best practice in digital marketing across the customer journey
  • Adopt a test and learn a mindset to constantly maximise digital return on investment (ROI)

  • How to deliver a quick, easy, intuitive user experience (UX) for web and app users
  • Best practice design principles: how to deploy them to grow and retain a satisfied customer base
  • How you can use prototyping to constantly improve your site and app performance
  • How usability research can help you understand your customers’ needs and what they value most
  • How to develop customer journey maps to provide relevant, targeted content across repeat site and app visits
  • User-centred design (UCD) principles: how you can adopt them to deliver a world class user experience (UX)

  • How digital presents multiple touchpoint opportunities so that you can influence your customers across complex and non-linear customer journey
  • How to build a multi-channel marketing framework which integrates traditional and emerging channels across the journey
  • How to develop omni-channel campaigns using the most effective channels
  • What opportunities could help you connect with your customer across the omni-channel customer journey?
  • How to track and optimise digital performance to maximise conversion and return on investment (ROI)
  • How can you integrate, measurable omni-channel customer experiences?

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