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Natasha Willmott

Recent graduate

When did you realise you wanted to work in finance & how did you reach that decision?
Throughout my whole school life I was always interested in the more life skill subjects, such as business, statistics, economics and finance. It seemed obvious and practical for myself to take on a university degree that would allow me to continue my preferred path. It was then just a case of researching what courses in the relevant area were available, and then once making a decision, it was just the university itself I had to choose.
What have you enjoyed most about the course to date?
I enjoy the more stable timetable compared to others universities, it enables more focus, and better understanding of the subject.
What do you think London can offer you as a place for study?
For finance and accounting London is probably the key area to go and study it, you are learning in the financial district, and it's not only about the place you actually study it's also the walk to university and seeing all the people around you working in your future jobs.
How will your studies help you in achieving your goals?
In order to achieve my goals this degree is essential. It gives me the ground knowledge to help me into my future career, it allows several paths to be opened of which I can chose where ever to go.