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Banking & Finance Summer School

Summer School Modules 

Our modules will enhance your current undergraduate studies with a more detailed understanding of banking and finance theories and concepts. We focus on providing you with practical and relevant learning that reflects the skills and knowledge required for a successful career in the industry. 

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About the modules 

Our three-week programme covers key concepts that shape the banking and finance industry. You can select from one of the following credit-bearing modules: 

  • Essentials of Leadership in Banking and Finance
  • Securities: Investment, Analysis and Valuation
  • Strategy in Banking & Finance - Concepts, Options and Drivers for Change
  • Risk Fundamentals in Banking

Each module will be delivered from our teaching facilities in the centre of London’s financial district. While study is intensive, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore this thriving financial hub plus all the cultural and social experiences the city has to offer.

Teaching & learning

Each module comprises 34 hours of teaching alongside self-directed individual study and group work. Classes will be a mixture of lectures, tutorials and co-curricular activities that will cover key concepts and explore their application in practice. The weekly timetable will be advised prior to the start of the programme.


To receive credits for this module students will need to successfully complete the module assessment. 


Level 5 on the FHEQ (Framework for Higher Education Qualifications)

Essentials of Leadership in Banking & Finance

This module focuses on core areas crucial to the successful leadership and management of an organisation. These include providing a depth of knowledge and understanding in leadership and management and culture and organisational structure. Students will be encouraged to consider a number of theoretical frameworks and principles relating to each of these key areas. The module is delivered by academics who have worked in the industry.

Securities: Investment, Analysis and Valuation

This module develops a detailed insight into analysing and valuing a variety of equity and debt securities. These largely quantitative methodologies will be evaluated in detail along with the results of such analysis and applied practically to a range of case studies. Key developments in financial markets and the economy will also be evaluated to demonstrate the wide number of considerations which must be taken into account during the valuation process. 

Level 6 on the FHEQ (Framework for Higher Education Qualifications)

Strategy in Banking & Finance - Concepts, Options and Drivers for Change

The focus of this module is on the strategic management of financial service organisations, covering both strategic management concepts and skills with reference to case studies and empirical evidence. The module aims to give students an understanding of the nature of strategic management by providing a comprehensive analysis of pertinent issues, both theoretical and practical.

Risk Fundamentals in Banking

This module considers past banking crises and risk events to identify key causes and their impact. This helps contextualise the module and demonstrate the importance of best practice risk management in the banking industry. The module then utilises a risk management framework to analyse and manage risks to help develop a sustainable risk / reward strategy for the banking industry using the principles of enterprise wide risk management.

Entry criteria

  • English GCSE grade 4/ C or international equivalent or evidence of meeting our English Language requirements if you are a non-native speaker

  • Maths GCSE grade 4/ C or international equivalent

  • 2:2 or equivalent predicted grade / obtained in previous or current year of study of degree programme

  • Personal statement (approximately 500 words) stating why you would like to take part in this programme

  • Full transcript from your university to demonstrate appropriate prior learning. 


Upon successful completion of the module assessment, you will gain 10 FHEQ (Framework of Higher Education Qualifications) credits. This equates to 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) or 3 US credits. These credits may contribute to your current academic programme, please check with your own institution to see how you can transfer credits. 

Students who choose not to complete the assessment component will receive a certificate of attendance. 

Find out more about the FHEQ

Looking for further information

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Contact us

If you have any questions about the Summer School Modules please contact our Admissions Team at +44(0)20 7337 6293/4 or email summerschool@libf.ac.uk

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