Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics provides a framework of professional conduct for members and those using our verification services:

  1. to act with fairness, integrity and courtesy in all business activities
  2. to comply with all relevant law including statutory regulatory requirements, and with all relevant codes of practice, codes of conduct and professional guidance notes
  3. to obtain and respect the confidentiality of information relevant to the conduct of services offered
  4. to accept responsibility for recognising circumstances where actual or perceived prejudicial influences or conflicts of interests may arise in the course of business activities; to identify such influences or conflicts to the parties concerned and take action as required
  5. to be willing to explain the basis of remuneration and reward in relation to the services offered
  6. to achieve, maintain and apply the standard of knowledge and competence appropriate to the services offered and activities performed
  7. to act only within the limits of personal competence and any authority as an employee or agent