At The London Institute of Banking & Finance, we understand that our world is facing the biggest challenge in history. As Alex Fraser, our CEO has said:

“Our rapidly changing climate poses irreversible threats to habitats and economies around the world. It is, beyond doubt, the defining issue of today and tomorrow and how we address the issue will define all of us. Our organisation will be judged on how effectively we support the industry through our educational and thought-leadership work – how we help them become sustainable.”

For this reason, sustainability has become integral to our business strategy and our culture. As an organisation we prioritise four of the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals that fit well with what we do.

Sustainable development goal 3, good health and wellbeingSustainable development goal 12, responsible consumption and production

Sustainable development goal 4, quality education     Sustainable development goal 5, gender equality

 How we advance progress on these goals

  • Through our Certificate in Sustainable Finance
  • By continually seeking ways to carbon footprint and environmental impact
  • Raising awareness and responsible behaviour among staff and students
  • Promoting good health and wellbeing among staff, students and clients
  • Increasing opportunities for under-represented groups in the financial services sector
  • Promoting gender equality both at The London Institute of Banking & Finance and more widely in the financial services sector
  • Reducing social inequality through our award-winning outreach programme, Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE).

We recognise that we are only at the beginning of a long journey and we still have a good way to go. But we’re proud of the progress we’re making, which you can read more about below.

Certificate in Sustainable Finance

With strong backing from our partner in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), we have recently launched our Certificate in Sustainable Finance. This will allow those working in financial services to build knowledge and expertise in this important and rapidly evolving area.

Find out more about our Certificate in Sustainable Finance

Reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact

We’ve commissioned a specialist company to conduct an energy audit, that is to measure and record when, where, and how we are using energy, and to make recommendations for reduction.

Our Facilities Management Team have taken part in a sustainability improvement programme at our London office, with the landlord and the consultancy Evora. This has led to a building-wide energy saving of over 13% with minimal capital expenditure on technology and an annual CO2 reduction of 55 tonnes.

Awareness of climate change and environmental sustainability

In 2017, a group of employees set up our sustainability champions group, to raise awareness and embed sustainability in our workplace culture. We now co-ordinate these efforts with similar employee groups who focus on diversity and wellbeing.

We raise awareness by:

  • promoting good practice in waste, recycling and energy saving
  • organising talks for staff on sustainable finance, gender and diversity
  • posting regular blogs and other media on the staff intranet.

The original group has now grown to 15 employees with others helping on an adhoc basis.

Good health and wellbeing

We have a qualified counsellor onsite once a week during term time for students and have a helpline available to staff and students. Our Health and Wellbeing team organise regular activities including:

  • massages, Pilates and health checks for staff
  • mental health awareness
  • mindfulness sessions.

Staff volunteer days have been very successful with 50 employees taking up the opportunity to volunteer, and many writing about the experience afterwards for the intranet.

Increasing opportunities and diversity in the sector

We host events throughout the year to promote careers in banking and finance to those from under-represented groups, who might not otherwise consider coming into the sector. Participants hear from inspiring speakers and get a chance to try out fund managing, though simulated market trading. 

We also support and encourage our thriving Women in Finance Student Society.

Reducing social inequality through our award-winning outreach programme, LiFE

Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE) is an online study programme that uses animation, games and music to make learning about managing money fun and accessible. We partnered with the charity, Special Needs Advisory and Activities Project (SNAAP) to develop it to support the learning of vulnerable children and young adults.

We’ve been lucky to work with many excellent charities and community groups who use LiFE to support their work. Of 11,518 UK learners that have already studied our LiFE programme:
Green Gown Award Winner 2019

  • 92% now feel they have the skills and knowledge to make positive financial decisions
  • 90% can now improve their CV
  • 88% now understand what to look for when choosing a career route
  • 58% have now started saving.

This achievement was recognised in November 2019 when our LiFE programme won Green Gown award in the Money for Good category.

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