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Financial education qualifications Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE)

New registrations for one year delivery accepted until July 2024. Registrations for continuing students who have completed LiFE Award (LiFA) accepted until July 2025. No delivery of qualification in academic year 2025/26 and beyond.

LiFE gives students an online financial education on a 'learn by doing' basis looking at personal finances, money management and financial careers through accessible online learning.

LiFE is an online financial education program that aims to ensure more students gain valuable financial awareness. Although the National Curriculum includes financial education, schools continue to have difficulty finding time for it. Our flexible online financial education course is accessible from anywhere and we've mapped it to Mathematics and Citizenship. This helps to meet restraints on teachers' time and resources.

LiFE does not rely on timetabled teaching time. It requires minimal intervention from teaching and support staff. In fact, students can access the course through tutor/mentor time, after-school clubs and other enrichment opportunities. They can study at their own pace on an online learning platform whose content really engages them.

Starting from just £10 per student, LiFE enables students to receive financial education at a fraction of the cost of formal qualifications.

About the qualification

LiFE focuses on:

  • relevance: it gives real-life engaging activities and contextual maths

  • flexibility: it's cross-curricular and fits into clubs, enrichment activities and homework

  • progress: you can observe and track your learners' progress and interaction at every stage

  • independence: there's minimal need for guidance, students can work at their own pace

  • employability: it prepares students for adulthood and the world of work.

Read the LiFE Award Qualification Specification
Read the LiFE Certificate qualification specification

Unit information

Students progress through the online units and, on completing them, can access the LiFE Award and Certificate to get a formal recognition of their work.

LiFE is made up of three units and is designed to be taken over a 12 month period. Students can complete the learning independently online, but tutors can monitor their progress. Once students have completed Unit 1, they can take the formal assessment, the LiFE Award. After completing Units 2 and 3, they can take the formal assessment, the LiFE Certificate.

The LiFE Award (601/8967/8) has a Total Qualification Time (TQT) of 48.5 hours, including 25 Guided Learning Hours (GLH). The LiFE Certificate (603/1933/1) has a Total Qualification Time (TQT) of 200 hours, including 120 Guided Learning Hours (GLH).

What progression do our LiFE qualifications offer?

Students can progress through the programme, gradually building on their skills and challenging themselves to proceed to the next level. Once they have completed the qualification, they may want to progress onto our Level 3 qualifications which carry the maximum UCAS points or make a good foundation for those considering an apprenticeship.

LiFE Programme

The LiFE Programme covers all three units, but is not formally assessed. The programme records students 'feelings and understanding' before and after each topic so their progress is clearly displayed. Each topic includes a 'check your understanding' activity and short multiple-choice quiz to make sure students have improved their knowledge before they move onto the next topic and unit. At the end of each unit students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

LiFE Award

The Level 1 LiFE Award is the formal assessment for Unit 1. Students must have completed Unit 1 of the LiFE Programme to be assessed. Students are tested via our e-test platform and are able to resit twice.

LiFE Certificate

Students who have achieved the LiFE Award will be able to progress to the Level 1/2 LiFE Certificate, which is awarded to those who have passed the formal assessment for Units 2 and 3. Students must have completed the learning for Units 2 and 3 before the assessment and are tested via our e-test platform. Students are able to resit each unit twice.


Unit 1

30 stand-alone multiple-choice questions (total marks 30), to be completed in 30 minutes.

Unit 2

15 stand-alone multiple-choice questions and 4 case studies each with 5 associated questions (total marks 35), to be completed in 45 minutes.

Unit 3

15 stand-alone multiple-choice questions and 4 case studies each with 5 associated questions (total marks 35), to be completed in 45 minutes.


LiFE programme


per unit, three units
LiFE Award


Having completed a formal assessment of unit 1 learning, students can achieve a Level 1 qualification, meaning a combined cost of £20.
LiFE Certificate


Having completed all units and assessments for each unit, students can achieve a Level 1/Level 2 qualification, meaning a combined cost of £60.

SEND Guide resources for Unit 1

Children, young people and adults with SEND are especially vulnerable when it comes to managing money, which is something we hope LiFE and the SEND Guide will address. Accompanying LiFE, there is a comprehensive SEND Guide which contains a variety of resources, from transcripts and progress charts to sensory activities. This allows all learners to access the crucial life skill of money management.

We have worked collaboratively with the experts at SNAAP (Special Needs Activities and Advisory Project), a special needs charity to ensure the SEND Guide for LiFE meets the needs of all learners. The resources have been piloted by the children and families at SNAAP, and as a working document we will continue to develop the resources in this guide.

  • Progress charts

  • Individual learning plans

  • Printable quizzes and surveys

  • Feedback & reflection sheets (for learners to draw or write about what they have learnt)

  • Blank certificate (to celebrate a learners personal milestone achievements or progress)

  • Additional activities – sensory, creative, discussion, role play, maths, research etc

  • Transcripts suitable for screen readers (available upon request).

Download our SEND LiFE leaflet

Course requirements

There are no specified entry requirements, but the level of achievement required to obtain AiFE is at Level 2 on the RQF. Applicants need to be sure they can study, in English, at this level.


To achieve the LiFE Award, students need to pass Unit 1 and achieve 50% of the marks available.

The LiFE Certificate is a Level 1/2 qualification and the qualification grade is calculated on the total number of marks achieved across all three units. Each unit will be graded as a pass or a fail.

There are 100 marks available across the qualification. The table below shows available grades and amount of marks required to achieve those grades:


If you are interested in registering for AiFE please complete a centre agreement form and return it via email to fcexams@libf.ac.uk.


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