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Get ahead and kickstart your professional journey by choosing a flexible and accessible LIBF degree programme, guided by LIBF's comprehensive career services. Discover, connect, and flourish with tailored support, online group career coaching and a global job search platform.

Prepare for a career others haven’t dreamed of yet

Weaved into every step of your learning experience, our careers experts provide the insights you need to confidently take the next small step to achieving your big goals. Craft your own success story – from sharpening your interview skills to shaping your dream business – all at your own pace, and in sync with your life.

Our career support services, seamlessly integrated into your learning experience, offer the essential tools and insights to transform your aspirations into achievement. Progress at your pace, aligning each step towards success with your unique lifestyle and goals.

I'm really enjoying returning to learning and know it is going to help my career. LIBF is providing more than just a degree, it's inspiring a transformation that I truly appreciate and I couldn’t be happier with my online learning experience.
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Oguz A

BSc (Hons) International Management

Tailored career services, unmatched career growth

With a blend of personalised advice and cutting-edge resources available on-demand, LIBF equips you to navigate the future of work. Our commitment extends beyond preparation. We aim to sculpt professionals ready to excel in careers undefined by current standards.

Online career centre

Our online career centres is your hub for professional development. Discover a world of career opportunities, set up job alerts directly to your inbox, and dive into detailed role descriptions. It's everything you need to stride confidently towards your career goals.

Online group career coaching

From crafting standout CVs to mastering job search strategies, we lay the groundwork for your career journey. Engage in online group career coaching designed to propel your professional growth and support you to achieve your career ambitions.

On-demand career resources

Tap into our career handouts for clear insights into the skills and career paths our online degrees offer. It's practical, straightforward information at your fingertips, designed to steer your educational and professional journey forward.

Practice psychometric tests

Gain an edge with access to psychometric tests and video interview platforms, mimicking the selection processes of leading employers. Understand and excel in the criteria sought after by your future workplace.

Career-centric video gallery

Dive into our video gallery, featuring recordings from our latest workshops and training sessions, crafted to assist you in your career development. Keep an eye out for new content, designed to keep you ahead in the job market.

Your online job search platform

Take the next step on your career journey with GTI Target Connect, our comprehensive online job search platform.

This carefully selected digital job search platform is designed to place a world of opportunities at your fingertips.

With access to worldwide job vacancies and in-depth company profiles, you're perfectly positioned to discover exciting opportunities in the modern world of work, no matter where you live or where you want to launch your career.

Beyond the degree: your career prospects

Our diverse undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, including specialisms in Business and Management, Data, Computing and IT, and Finance, equip you with the skills to excel in whatever professional environment you're passionate about – at home and around the world. 

Here are just a few examples of many careers you could go into after studying with LIBF.

Project manager

Stepping into the role of a Project Manager, our business and management degrees gives you the skills and knowledge to set yourself apart and lead organisations to business success.

As a Project Manager, you'll have the power to influence and execute strategies across various business areas, making tangible impacts and steering your team and organisation towards its broader goals.

Explore our degrees in business and management

Data scientist

There has been an explosion of data in today’s digital age. Armed with a degree in data, you'll become indispensable in extracting meaningful insights from complex datasets.

Your ability to apply mathematical and statistical models will inform strategic decision-making across any sector. Embrace a rewarding career but position yourself at the forefront of driving innovation.

Explore our degrees in data science and business data
Man studying an AI IT degree at home.

AI solutions architect

In the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), an AI Solutions Architect stands out as a visionary, crafting the blueprint for integrating AI technologies into business processes.

With a deep understanding gained from an AI, IT or computing degree, your work positions you at the cusp of technological advancement, shaping the future of industries across the spectrum.

Explore our degrees in AI, tech and computing

Stay ahead with our career guides

Staying up to date with the latest trends, tips, and strategies in your chosen field is important, no matter what stage you're at. That's why we've dedicated a section of our blog to career guides.

Explore a selection of our latest career guide articles, each one a building block towards achieving your dream career.

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