Our partnerships

We work with schools, colleges, charities, awarding bodies, professional institutes and training providers – so that you have all the options you need to succeed in your studies and your career.

Why partnerships matter: elevating your education

At LIBF, we're dedicated to providing education that prepares you for tomorrow's opportunities, today.

Our partnerships play a crucial role in this, ensuring that every student can find a route to education that suits their aspirations and circumstances, turning their dreams into achievable goals.

By collaborating with a diverse range of institutions and organisations, we ensure that our students receive an education that is not only of the highest quality but also globally recognised and directly linked to the real world.

How our partnerships make a difference
  • Collaborating internationally to develop and deliver qualifications ensures your education has a global edge.

  • Working with learning delivery partners and assessment centres helps us provide learning experiences tailored to your needs.

  • Partnering with UK apprenticeship providers and employers gives you direct pathways to employment.

  • Accrediting training courses and programmes, including CPD, ensures your learning achievements are recognised.

  • Establishing Trusted Partner agreements help us guarantee the highest quality of education and support for your journey.

  • Validating programmes and recognising qualifications ensures your education meets rigorous standards.

  • Implementing advanced standing agreements acknowledges your prior learning and fast-tracks your progress.

Higher Education partners

Professional education partners

Become a professional education partner

Trusted Partner

Trusted Partner is our highest form of formal recognition and is suitable for organisations that already have established and effective working relationships with us. Trusted Partners are highly regarded for their excellent programmes and support for students, delivered by experienced and competent tutors.

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Are you a banking and finance sector employer, education provider or membership body that provides high quality programmes to your learners? Stand out from the crowd and gain accredited status from us. Achieving accreditation will give you external, independent recognition of your learning provision.

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Accredited Learning Support Provider

Our Accredited Learning Support Provider (ALSP) scheme is designed for training organisations offering high quality courses to students wanting additional support before sitting their professional examinations with us. Stand out from the crowd with access to support and up to date learning materials.

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