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Study part-time and embrace progress at your own pace

Are you looking for a part-time degree that gives you the flexibility to prioritise work or family commitments while advancing your career?

At LIBF, we understand that life doesn't stop for education. All our distance learning courses can be studied on a part-time basis, allowing you to pursue higher education without pressing pause on your other commitments.

No matter where you are now, our flexible study approach supports your ambitions. Our part-time courses are perfect for:

  • new students looking to develop future-focused skills.

  • professionals developing new skills to advance their career.

  • mature students planning a career change.

How long does a part-time degree take at LIBF?

Undergraduate part-time

  • Full time: 3 years

  • Part-time options: 4 or 6 years

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Postgraduate part-time

  • Full time: 1 year

  • Part-time options: 1.5 or 2 years

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How much does a part-time degree cost at LIBF?

At LIBF, the total cost of your degree remains the same, regardless of whether you study full-time or study part-time over a longer period.

And if you decide to pay for your course in advance (without UK government loans), you can benefit from up to 10% off the full cost of your degree.


  • £5,201 a year part-time over 4 years

  • £3,468 a year part-time over 6 years.


  • £6,500 a year part-time over 18 months

  • £4,875 a year part-time over 2 years.


  • £6,833 a year part-time over 18 months

  • £5,125 a year part-time over 2 years.

Benefits of pursuing a part-time degree with LIBF

Our flexible approach to part-time study enables you to strike a balance between personal growth and professional development, all while spreading out the workload and payments.

Better work-study-life balance

Juggling family, higher education and work commitments is made easier with part-time study.

You can advance your career without sacrificing your current job or family responsibilities, by fitting your studies in when it most suits you.

Whether your morning hours are spent at your part-time job, or your evenings are for looking after the family, our flexible online learning approach allows you to choose the part-time option that best fits your lifestyle.

Flexible financial management

We understand the financial considerations that come with pursuing higher education. This is why, when you study part-time with us, we empower you with the flexibility to choose how and when you want to pay if you're self-funding.

With the ability to pay on a monthly, annual, or full-in-advance basis, self-funding your part-time degree becomes more accessible and affordable. Plus, there are no extra costs or interest charges involved, allowing you to focus on your studies and personal growth without financial burden.

Professional growth

Picture yourself advancing in your career while acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive job market.

At LIBF, our part-time courses are designed to elevate your expertise, widen your career prospectus and make you a sought-after professional in your field.

By choosing a part-time degree, you can continue to work and earn while investing in your professional development. This means that you can apply the insights gained from your studies directly to your job, guaranteeing that every lecture, assignment, and assessment propels you closer to your career goals.

How does a part-time time degree work at LIBF?

Our part-time courses open doors to exciting opportunities within a modern framework tailored to fit your life. With part-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses focused on modern industries and technologies, our degrees prepare you for careers that are yet to be imagined.

Male student studying to become a data engineer from home office.

Virtual first-class facilities

Our distance learning courses are delivered through our innovative and mobile-friendly virtual learning environment: myCampus.

This is where you'll find all your course materials, video tutorials, podcasts and practice tests. myCampus is also your portal to getting support when you need it and your new community of full and part-time students.

Your exams also take place online. Once you complete a module, you can schedule your exam for any day and time that suits you.

How you'll study part-time

Why choose LIBF's part-time degrees?

At LIBF, our commitment to your personal progress sets us apart. We offer a supportive environment where big dreams translate into real-world success.

You'll be supported by study coaches who are experts in supporting students studying part-time. They're on hand to help you learn effective part-time study strategies for learning and motivation.

Your course tutor is always available for course-specific academic support, and our careers team will help you turn your new skills and knowledge into exciting career prospects.

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