Professional academic community

The Academic Community is the intellectual capital of LIBF and consists of a unique cluster of academics and industry professionals who develop and disseminate impactful thought leadership and deliver innovative education and training of banking and finance subjects.

Our leading edge derives from active participation in a wider banking and finance community through a combination of employment, consulting, involvement in professional organisations, scholarly writing, and joining government forums, which contribute to the advancement of thought leadership and inform policy in their specialist fields.

Our higher education programmes are delivered in small lectures introducing theory and supported with illustrations of practice. This is fundamental to our academic community adding personal and practical experience to texts, readings and preparations helping our students frame the business and market questions of tomorrow.

Professional academic faculty

With strong backgrounds in academia, industry and teaching providing the best academic support, our Faculty combine thought leadership and experience to deliver state-of-the art modules and prepare our students to engage with the financial world and build their career in banking and finance.

Benefiting from substantial careers worldwide at companies such as Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, Citi, Credit Suisse, to name a few, our Faculty members also hold academic degrees from leading universities, including New York University’s Graduate School of Business Administration and the London Business School (the world's two financial capitals).

Zoë Belcher

Learning and Teaching Administrator

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Nigel Bland, lecturer, libf.

Nigel Bland

Enrique Cacicedo

Dr Vikram Finavker

Academic Lead - Online Programmes

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Paul Gallacher, LIBF Academic Lead, Apprenticeships

Paul Gallacher

Academic Lead – Apprenticeships

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Lucia Gallacher

Higher Education Assessments Administrator

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Stuart Lanigan, LIBF Senior Lecturer

Stuart Lanigan

Simon Ling-Locke, Senior Lecturer

Simon Ling-Locke

Michael Llewelyn-Jones, Lecturer

Michael Llewelyn-Jones

James Lockyer, LIBF Lecturer

James Lockyer

Dr John Sebastian Pereira, LIBF Lecturer

Dr John Sebastian Pereira

Nicola Scull, Head of Teaching & Learning Excellence

Nicola Scull

Head of Teaching and Learning Excellence

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Professional faculty

Our Visiting Faculty comprise exceptional Professors and Scholars who contribute to our thought leadership agenda and actively participate in high-profile institutional activities.

Many of our community of Visiting Professors and Scholars hold research roles at top institutions within the City of London. With this knowledge, they further enhance the resources we bring to our students.

Jeremy Arnold, LIBF Visiting scholar

Jeremy Arnold

Iqbal Asaria, LIBF Visiting professor

Iqbal Asaria

Olivier Beroud, LIBF Visiting professor

Olivier Beroud

Massimo Carnelos, LIBF Visiting scholar

Massimo Carnelos

Mark Cliffe, LIBF Visiting professor

Mark Cliffe

Andrew Cunningham, LIBF Visting professor

Andrew Cunningham

Dr Paul Fisher

Jane Foley, LIBF Visiting scholar

Jane Foley

Dr Anthony Gandy, LIBF Visiting Professor

Dr Anthony Gandy

Prof Pete Hahn, Emeritus Professor of Banking and Finance

Prof Pete Hahn

Emeritus Professor of Banking and Finance

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Julien Haye, LIBF Visiting scholar

Julien Haye

John Hearn, LIBF Visiting professor

John Hearn

Dr Andrew Hilton, LIBF Visiting Professor

Dr Andrew Hilton

Jonathan Holman, LIBF Visiting scholar

Jonathan Holman

Dr Mel Houllier, LIBF Visiting scholar

Dr Mel Houllier

Renier Lemmens, LIBF visiting professor

Renier Lemmens

Simon Lewis, LIBF Visiting professor

Simon Lewis

Ian Peacock, LIBF Visiting Professor

Ian Peacock

Dr Richard Ramyar, LIBF Visiting scholar

Dr Richard Ramyar

Dr Phil Renshaw, LIBF Visiting professor

Dr Phil Renshaw

Emmanuel Rondeau

Anna Rosenberg, LIBF Visiting scholar

Anna Rosenberg

Martin Stewart, LIBF Visiting professor

Martin Stewart

Dr Rutang Thanawalla

Alastair Tyler, LIBF Visiting professor

Alastair Tyler

Dr Ruth Wandhöfer LIBF visiting professor

Dr Ruth Wandhöfer

Next Gen Faculty

Our Next Gen Faculty has been established to help encourage the next generation of professionals to share their insights and perspectives on the evolving finance sector. They focus on three critical areas – sustainable finance, digital banking and fintech, and risk and governance – working with our three research centres.

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