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Do you have a passion for business management and want to take your career to new heights? Business and management studies help you develop a solid foundation in key business concepts and develop valuable skills that can set you apart to top employers in the job market – skills such as leadership, strategic thinking, marketing, accounting and problem-solving.

Whether you're a recent school leaver or a working professional looking to upskill, studying business can open doors to a wide range of career opportunities in various industries. At LIBF, we offer a range of business and management degrees that are designed to ignite your career path and prepare you for success in the modern world of work.

Start dates and duration

Choose to study full or part-time online.

Start your course on any day you choose.

Entry requirements

Undergraduate: 2 subjects at A-Level or equivalent.

Postgraduate: a 2:2 first degree or equivalent.

Tuition fees and funding support

UK residents may be eligible for a student loan or our LIBF Scholarship.

Fee reductions available of up to 10% for tuition fees paid in advance.

Why study a business management degree?

Studying for a business degree can be a transformative experience if you're looking to develop critical key skills in management, marketing, accounting, economics and leadership.

Business studies provide a solid foundation in key business concepts and essential leadership skills that are highly valued by employers. From critical thinking to corporate strategy and organisational economics, the skills gained through studying business are transferable and apply to various industries and roles.

You'll gain insights into different business functions such as finance, marketing, operations, and human resource management, which will enable you to make strategically informed decisions and contribute effectively to the business goals of an organisation.

Many management and business degrees also offer opportunities for internships, practical projects, and networking, supporting your theoretical business studies and providing valuable real-world experience and connections that can kickstart your future career.

Types of business degrees

It's important to find a degree that aligns with your goals and interests. At LIBF, we offer a range of business degrees to suit your interests and career goals. Whether you're interested in specialising or want a broader understanding of the business world, we have a degree for you.

Business and management degrees

Our BSc (Hons) Business Management degree is designed for those who want a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals. You'll learn about key business functions such as marketing, finance, operations, and human resources, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in a wide range of business and management roles.

Depending on the level you study at and the elective modules you choose, you'll develop skills in:

  • financial analysis and accounting principles 

  • strategic marketing in an international context 

  • corporate finance and investment theories 

  • entrepreneurial and innovative ideas, motives and concepts.

Specialist business management degrees

If you're passionate about a particular industry and are looking to develop your business and management skills within that industry, our MSc Management with Specialism course allows you to do just that.

Depending on the modules you choose, you can specialise in one of the following:

  • International Marketing       

  • Finance & Accounting 

  • IT Management 

  • Engineering Management 

  • Big Data Management  

  • Leadership

  • Artificial Intelligence

International management degrees

If you're looking to work in a global business environment, our BSc (Hons) International Management and MSc International Management degrees are perfect for you. These courses focus on international business strategies, cross-cultural communication, and global market trends. You'll gain the knowledge and skills required to navigate the complexities of the international business landscape and excel in global roles.

Depending on the level you study at and the elective modules you choose, you'll develop skills in:

  • international business strategy and marketing

  • international accounting, finance, and reporting standards

  • exploration of global market opportunities and risk evaluation

  • use of digital technologies in new business formation.

Human resource degrees

If your ambition is to elevate workplace environments and drive organisational success through people management, discover our BSc Business Psychology, MSc Business Psychology and MSc International Human Resource Management degrees. Explore modern HR practices, to prepare leaders for the challenges of today’s diverse and dynamic workplace landscapes.

Depending on the course and elective modules you choose, you'll develop skills in:

  • strategic management theories and applications

  • the role of psychology in the business environment

  • the psychological underpinnings of effective leadership

  • talent management and HR development.

Healthcare management degrees

Combine your passion for healthcare with the expertise required to innovate and lead in the global healthcare environment. Our BSc (Hons) Global Healthcare Management and MSc Global Healthcare Management degrees deliver in-depth knowledge of healthcare systems and cutting-edge management strategies to prepare you for a dynamic career in healthcare management.

Depending on the level you study at and the elective modules you choose, you'll develop skills in:

  • strategic planning and implementation within healthcare settings

  • international health systems, and effective resource management

  • health information systems and advanced research methods

  • compliance with international health laws and regulations.

Master of Business Administration: MBA degrees

If you're aiming to advance your career to the executive level or even start your own business, our Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is the ideal choice. An MBA goes beyond traditional business and management studies, with an increased focus on leadership, innovation, and critical thinking. You'll have the opportunity to enhance your managerial skills and acquire the knowledge needed to make critical decisions in today's fast-paced and dynamic business environment.

Depending on the level you study at and the elective modules you choose, you'll develop skills in:

  • corporate accounting and risk management

  • strategic international marketing concepts

  • the economic framework underlying global markets

  • business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Career prospects with a business degree

Managers exist in every industry, including finance, marketing, entertainment, and construction. With a business management degree, you can combine your skills for managing people and knowledge of business strategy with almost any industry you're passionate about.

Average UK salary for business managers

Given the wealth of opportunities available, the average salaries for business degree graduates can vary, especially according to experience. According to uk.indeed.com*, the average UK salary for a business manager is £38,898, while the average salary for a senior manager is £67,738. If you excel in business strategy, you could move on up to a Director role, for which the average UK salary is £82,679.

*Salaries correct as of January 2024.

Why choose LIBF's business management degrees?

At LIBF, we have 140 years of experience providing education from the very heart of London's business and finance centre. Not only are our faculty industry experts in business, they are Silver-rated for teaching excellence (TEF, 2024) and you'll receive personalised support every step of the way.

Designed to fit around your life, not the other way round, our flexible online degrees are designed for aspirational business leaders looking to excel in their future careers. You can start your degree on any day, study full or part-time, and benefit from affordable tuition fees and funding support.

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