Online learning


Thanks to our new virtual learning environment (VLE) you can now study anytime, anywhere. This page tells you all you need to know about Brightspace and how it can support your learning.

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How Brightspace can help you learn

You can access your learning on any device, anytime, anywhere. Download Brightspace Pulse – the app for Android and iOS – to study on your mobile phone.

Personalise Brightspace to receive announcements and configure your profile to network with other students and subscribe to discussion forums.

The full-screen, immersive reader will help you focus. And, if you’re using an assistive technology, you’ll find content easy to navigate and access.

On-demand bitesize learning lets you study in a way that suits you – from standard text, to videos, and interactive multimedia activities such as quizzes. The gamification feature will reward you with badges and awards as you progress.

Automated nudges, positive reinforcement messages, progress bars and dashboards will help you track your progress and resume your studies from where you left off. And to ensure you don’t miss any important activities or deadlines, the course calendar will alert you to what’s coming up.

Finally, timed and condition-based activities – along with audio and video assessments – will help you fully prepare for your exam so that you have the best chance of success.



Not yet, but we’re in the process of migrating qualifications from our existing VLE to Brightspace.

Qualifications that are available on Brightspace will have the Brightspace logo displayed on the registration page.

To ensure you can access this new platform, make sure your browser is up to date and meets the minimum requirements. Check this list of supported browsers.

You can find some useful Brightspace tutorials online, but if you get stuck we’re here to support you. Contact our Customer Services team by email or by Live Chat through the website, remembering to quote your LIBF number.