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Research centres

Our Research Centres exist to develop and disseminate thought-provoking and impactful research across the banking and finance disciplines.


Our staff, drawn from academia and professional practice, use their industry experience to produce thought leadership that inspires our community and the wider industry. Developing impactful research and activities that inform the profession, they contribute to advances in knowledge that will support the growth of our rapidly changing environment.

Centre for Sustainable Finance 

The Centre for Sustainable Finance was founded in response to the growing need for the financial sector to adapt to sustainable development and environmental change. We champion thought leadership, research and education to address the emerging trends and practices that have an impact on the sector.

The scope of the Centre’s work is global and seeks to address the interests and concerns of market participants including commercial and development banks, investors, governments, corporations or regulators.

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Centre for Digital Banking and Finance

With a dedicated programme specifically formulated in an advisory capacity for professional financial service leaders and innovators about disruptive technologies this centre strives to provoke conversations and innovations across the banking industry.

The centre also aims to address digital disruption and how banking and financial professionals can position themselves in the market to remain competitive and simultaneously deliver innovative solutions to their customers and partners. 

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Centre for Governance, Risk and Regulation

We have a long history of working globally, so we know your region has its own distinct risks and opportunities.

Through our unique approach, we can help you prepare for the risks and uncertainties of a constantly changing environment – no matter where you are in the world

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