CSFI to join forces with The London Institute of Banking & Finance

29 November, 2022
The Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) has become part of The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF), it was announced today. The agreement was signed on 24 November 2022. CSFI-logo

Both well-established organisations in the finance sector, CSFI and LIBF have regularly collaborated to encourage debate on industry developments and promote innovation. By joining together, both CSFI and LIBF will be able to expand their thought leadership activities around the globe.

Alex Fraser, CEO of LIBF says:

“We’ve been a long-term supporter of the CSFI, which has an incredible track record of facilitating insightful debate about the future of the City of London and global financial markets. CSFI in turn has been our partner for our member magazine, Financial World, for many years – as well as facilitating thought leadership events for our members.

“We are delighted to provide CSFI with a new home to enable it to expand its work and continue to complement LIBF’s own activities to support the development of the finance sector around the globe.”

David Lascelles, Chair of the CSFI Board of Trustees says:

“LIBF is the obvious choice of partner for CSFI. Our reputation as a thought leader, and our ability to spark debate and discussion across the sector, fits well with LIBF’s academic credentials and global reach. Our communities are drawn from the same circles – and we hope they will continue to engage with us as we move forward.

“We’re delighted that the CSFI will become part of LIBF and that the CSFI brand, heritage and legacy is secured for the long term.”

  • The CSFI brand, heritage, activities, and objectives, transferred to LIBF from 24 November 2022.
  • CSFI’s current Director, Martina Garcia, will head up the CSFI under the new arrangements.
  • CSFI will join up with LIBF’s existing stable of research and education centres – which look at themes around sustainable finance, digital banking, and governance and risk.
About the CSFI

  • The CSFI was founded in 1993 as an independent think tank.
  • Its purpose was to provide a forum where financial services professionals and observers could share ideas about the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.
  • Its spirit of free and intelligent discussion, unshackled by competitive constraints or partisan agendas, has been at the heart of the CSFI's reputation since its founding. That will continue.