CeMAP Professional and CeMAP Advanced Professional Terms and conditions

Eligibility criteria for CeMAP Professional and CeMAP Advanced Professional

  • Adhere to our code of ethics.

  • Hold the CeMAP® qualification for a minimum of 12 months OR hold our CeMAP® Diploma/DipMAP.

  • Commit to 15 hours mortgage industry related CPD each year.

  • Pass CPD or ethics audit checks.

  • Comply with our limited use logo licence.

These terms set out to ensure those applying for and holding CeMAP Professional (for those with CeMAP or Advanced CeMAP) or CeMAP Advanced Professional (for those with CeMAP Diploma or DipMAP) are aware of our eligibility and ongoing requirements needed to maintain their CeMAP Professional status.

Contact us about your membership

If you have any questions about our membership, please contact our membership team by emailing membership@libf.ac.uk.