Code of Practice and student forms

Find and read our policies, regulations and Code of Practice. Most of our documents are available as PDFs, and to view them you will need Acrobat viewer or to download the documents to your device.

If you’re unsure which documents relate to your programme of study, please contact the Customer Services team at customerservices@libf.ac.uk.

General policies

Find our general policies and statements, including our copyright and equality policies below.

If you have any questions about any of the policies, contact our Student and Customer Services team via email on customerservices@libf.ac.uk or phone at +44 (0)12 27818609.

Higher education programmes

Find below all the regulations and policies regarding our Higher Education study programmes, including the BSc and MSc programmes.


The following documents are specific to apprentices and their employers.

Where there is no specific policy in place for apprentices, general policies apply unless otherwise detailed in your Apprenticeship and/or Programme Handbook.

Financial capability qualifications

Find the policies and terms and conditions regarding our Financial Capability qualifications below.

If you have any questions about any of the policies, contact our Financial Capability Support team via email on fcexams@libf.ac.uk or phone at +44 (0)12 2782 8234.

Other policies

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

We are committed to contributing to the community and environment, while meeting the expectations of our students, employees, customers and suppliers.

Read about our corporate social responsibility

Safeguarding and respect at LIBF

Safeguarding at LIBF is everyone’s responsibility and all staff receive training and support to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of everyone remains a top priority.

Read about safeguarding and respect at LIBF