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Deciding which job you may like to begin your career can be difficult. So you could start by finding out about the different sectors in financial services.

As with most careers, the more experience you gain in a specialist area, the more responsibility you can expect. This can lead to promotion, a higher salary and the chance to develop your expertise.

We look at some of the major sectors in financial services and some of the skills you’ll need to succeed in them.

Financial services sectors
  • Accounting

  • Business banking

  • Funds and investments

  • Insurance

  • Investment banking

  • Life assurance and pensions

  • Regulated advice

  • Retail banking

A-Z job profiles

Get an idea of possibilities and career options by viewing common roles in financial services.

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Routes into financial services

There are several routes into the industry, from school-leaver schemes and apprenticeships to graduate training schemes and internships.

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Preparing your CV

Let us help you get your financial services career started with some tips on how to prepare your CV and stand out from the crowd.

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My financial career

Take me back to the my financial career page. Find information about different sectors, jobs and routes into financial services.

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