Global banking and finance training and qualifications

Local learning in a global world

Global banking and finance training and qualifications

Your region has its own distinct challenges, risks and opportunities. Our learning programmes combine international best practice in financial services with local context – to give your banking and finance teams training that will set them apart.

By working with financial institutions, educators, regulators and governments internationally, we provide local expertise to support training programmes anywhere in the world. So, wherever you are, we’ll work with you to build the skills and expertise you and your organisation need. 

Governance and risk management

The Centre for Governance, Risk and Regulation brings together an international network of subject matter experts, practitioners and associates with years of experience in risk, regulation, governance and compliance.

We have a long history of working globally, so we understand that each region has its own distinct risks and opportunities.

Through our unique approach, we can help you prepare for the risks and uncertainties of a constantly changing environment – no matter where you are in the world.

Find out more by visiting our risk centre website

Digital banking and finance, fintech, digitisation and data management

The Centre for Digital Banking and Finance offers executive education, advisory services and thought leadership to the UK and international banking and finance sector.

Our network of subject matter experts, practitioners and associates have years of experience growing digital businesses, deploying digital solutions and leading fintech organisations.

Our work looks beyond the hype of digital technology and examines the current and future implications for banks and their employees. That helps us ensure we provide banking professionals and organisations with the skills, knowledge and insights they need to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

Find out more by visiting our digital banking centre website

Trade and transaction banking

We consulted international experts and worked in partnership with the ICC to design our trade and transaction banking qualifications. Over 5,000 professionals in 90 countries study these qualifications each year.

Find out more about our trade and transaction banking qualifications

SME lending and alternative data

Alternative data is transforming the way banks lend to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In both mature and emerging markets, it offers an opportunity to bridge the credit gap and increase portfolios. But how can you be sure that your teams are skilled enough to use it effectively?

We can teach your teams how to:

  • deploy alternative lending techniques
  • adapt them to market conditions
  • use data confidently and
  • tailor solutions for your SME clients.

Your business will benefit from reduced risk, increased sales and a skilled and more empowered workforce.

Find out more about our Level 3 Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data

Contact LIBF around the world

Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

We partner with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Academy to offer bespoke learning programmes in Gulf Council Countries and the MENA region. You can contact our Abu Dhabi office by emailing

See more about our work with ADGMA on our dedicated LIBF MENA microsite

Asia Pacific 

From our regional office in Singapore, we work with clients and partners to deliver qualifications and bespoke learning programmes across Asia and the Pacific. Contact our Asia Pacific office by emailing

See more about our work across APAC

Rest of the world

If you’re based in Europe, North, South or Central America or Sub-Saharan Africa, please contact us through our London office by emailing